Colo River excursion EOI

sweet as! im still contemplating doing this on the merida its got 28c tyres.

Here’s the route:

That’ll do it. Some roads in there that are new to me too.

That’s a great looking route map. Lots of nice roads in there. Looking forward to it.

Looks zesty. I’m excited!

Oh boy, shaping up to be a warm one on Sunday. Max of 31 in Windsor at 1pm. Better get me some electrolyte stuff…

Actually though I might be able to make this - but nell’s on the morning shift and the grandparents are away…so enjoy!

Thanks Rod, will ride another time.

As for the day, it’s looking warm, but we can take it easy, it’s good that it’s not a really long ride. I’m looking forward to it.

According to FB, looks like we might have Olly and a couple of others joining us.

Yes, planning to ride with you all. I do occasionally forum

Sorry Ollie, I never remember how to spell your name.

Mr NKDS and I will be there for a coffee around 7:30.

Thinking about bringing the fixed gear.

I found there’s a later train with less stops so I’ll be jumping on that. Gets to Windsor around 7:20.
Now all I have to do is work out what bike to bring. Merida with 28s or the anthem with a nice cassette for the climbs haha

Never ridden with Alex, Liam?

Nope - just thinking a fixed gear wouldn’t be the most enjoyable bike for the day… whatever blows your hair back though.

He’ll be okay.

I fully appreciate the silliness of the idea, but it’s just more fun than riding my cyclocross bike with lots of gears that I built at great expense for exactly this kind of ride.

Also; more zen.