commonbike bike rental trial MELB

being run by RMIT industrial design students, give it a shot, only runs for 3 weeks though, stating wednesday.

The aim of Common Bike is to advocate and create awareness of this environmentally, economically and socially sustainable mode of transport.

What would bike sharing be like in Melbourne? You can experience it in May 2009 as we run a pilot demonstrating the possibility of a small community based bike sharing venture.

This pilot will only run for three weeks. As a simple and scalable community based concept, it can be the starting point for a bright bike sharing future in Melbourne. In the Netherlands, a small community based system with three locations grew to be a city-wide service, now running at 180 railway stations with 60 000 customers. Common Bike will have a similar starting point, and is as promising as the Dutch System.

We would appreciate your feedback about Common Bike, which we will present in a forum after the pilot. Through your feedback, our research and the forum, Common Bike will inform the Melbourne bike sharing system which will go to tender in 2009.

The pilot launches Tuesday 5th of May. Users can begin using the system from 9am Wednesday the 6th of May. The pilot will run for three weeks until the 26th of May.

Go to “join” to register your details or alternatively you can do this at a hub.
Come to a hub location to confirm your registration, pay your membership fee and pick up your membership tag and you are ready to go.
The pilot commences on Wednesday the 6th of May at 9am.
Please bring a form of photo ID.

Your first trip is $5, inclusive of membership.

Every journey thereafter is a gold coin donation.

If you return the bike to a hub different to its original location, another gold coin donation is requested to cover relocation costs.

If your trip is longer than 3 hours, we ask for a gold coin for each extra hour. Short trips allow more people to experience Common Bike.

Vault 14, Federation Square
Opening Hours
10am-5pm Mon-Sun

Abbotsford Cycle
27 Swan St
Opening Hours
8am-6pm Mon-Fri
8am-12pm Sat

Commuter Cycles
14 Prentice St
Opening Hours
7:30am-6:30pm Mon-Fri

87 Smith St
Opening Hours
10:30am-5:30pm Mon-Wed, Sat
10:30am-6pm Thu-Fri

Lentil As Anything
1 Saint Heliers St
Opening Hours
9am-9pm Mon-Sun

Human Powered Cycles
562 High Street
Opening Hours
8am-6pm Mon-Fri
10am-5pm Sat

Buy a new bike (for $5).

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lol the videos great :slight_smile:

Half a dozen Coopers for the first pic of one in a springvale cash converters’ window.

haha this video is awesome Tristan! :lol: