Considering roadie build

Ok so I’m considering building a roadie, looking to spend between say $1500 and $2000. Box bike on sale may well be great value/ new/ warranty and all that but is really not my thing. I realise buying something 2nd hand already rolling is prob going to be the best value but I’m not a great saver and kind of enjoy buying bits over time and doing a little assembly here and there myself. The anticipation and watching it grow is half the fun right and I’m not in a hurry. Got a tax return coming so a couple of the larger items could be on the books.

Frame Set > Carbon or steel or both is cool
Group > Modern campag/sram/Shimano. No preference but new school is a must
Wheels > Carbon (deepish 40mm-50mm min) tub or clincher don’t mind either way

Got this stuff on the watch list, if they get little interest and a low ball on the frame could get it all for about 1K? Dreaming? Fair Price? Stupid idea?




OR, fuck all that and shoot this cat an offer???

buy a whole bike already done … best bang for buck … or buy a donor bike for the parts and sell the frame off.

first gen sram is craptacular. avoid it like the plague. that chorus grouppo looks alright though

To be honest Doug, all that stuff other than that group is pure shit.
Those wheels are garbage, that frame sucks, that colnago is shit.
My 2c buy a complete low km roadie ie giant, specialized, cannondale.
or buy a chinese carbon frame (like gyps),
Chinese carbon clinchers, seriousley its qld fuck tubs dude what are you going to do 80km out the back of ipswich.
or alloy fulcrum or mavic style things if you think you will be going to the hills a lot.
then buy a 105 group or campag veloce from shiny bikes.
Then bar stem saddle post.

This would be a veloce/105 new carbon roadie for $2000

I know you want to build and get deeeep carbon and all that but be careful what you buy.

In all seriousness a second hand bike three years old will be the best bet.

Also roadies are a whole new ball game have you had a bike fit to sort size out?

Im happy to help you out with piecing something together.

ferk, i didnt even see those wheels. if you get them, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Can always count on you for the real shit man, cheers. May have to arrange a little sit down hey. If you can be bothered, care to elaborate as to why all that stuff is shit. Not cause I don’t believe you just for my own schooling ya know

One of the good things about this forum (especially since you’re a donor) is benefitting from the For Sale section. If you’re not in a hurry I’d wait for something decent to turn up on here, piece by piece or as a complete. Folks on here are pretty keen to help each other out more often than not, and you’ll usually get a good deal.
Alternatively, buying a complete from somewhere else is also a good idea. Now you have this thread open, you can post your ideas in here for people to comment on.
Ultimately, if you like it, you’ll probably ride it a lot, so make sure you have the last say in what you get.

Doug im around this sunday if your available,
I can also help give you a rough fit for sizing, My personal finding is that most carbon wheels over about 5-7 years old are just shit soft, with poorly designed hubs especially zipp.
The nipples get seized in the carbon if not well maintained and its just way to much hassle,
Id ride new chinese carbon over old big name stuff any day with the right pads.

Thumbs up

Got to agree on buying a complete, very happy with my roadie I picked up a year or so ago.

If building up a bike this is how I assign my money:
1 part: frame and fork
1 part: groupset
1 part: wheels
1 part: the rest

It’s a pretty good recipe.

Like this Buy Cannondale Supersix 2012 / Used, Cannondale, Road Bike for Sale in KAWANA WATERS, QLD
Then when the times right add some carbon wheels, if thats what you really want.
The guy that owns this is a pretty good guy and can ride

Man that thing is cheap!

I had looked at that dale a do really like, my size and local too. Might have to see what I can purge to raise some coin a bit sooner hey :slight_smile:

fucken ay a supersix would be rad, +1 for all who have said to buy complete, what about this-same size as the others you’ve been looking at.
Or it seems you could’ve jumped the gun on the cash situation…

Yeah starting to get a taste for the dales and yes. Not gonna be that good a tax cheque and there’s a dishwasher on the list as well :frowning:

Wash the dishes by hand til you re-save the dishwasher money!

Hearing ya! keep your eye on the parts thread people!

Each year when the tour is on there’s always a distro running some deal with plenty of plugs during the coverage - think last years was an avanti and the year before that was a Scott Foil with 105 for $2K including goodies (kit, shoes, helmet) which was pretty decent.

See what pops up in a couple of weeks.

^ Wasn’t that Avanti going for (in Phil Liggett voice) One Nine Nine Nine?