Convince me not to buy a Giant

I want a full sus XC bike. I don’t wanna spend more than $3k. I am short (167cm) and my HT 29er is probably too big so 27.5 would suit. Hardly any ever second hand small 650b bikes pop up so I figure I need to buy new to get what I want.

I don’t want lots of travel, I still wanna go fast. New Giant paintjob is nice A F but IDK if it’s worth the $$$

Anyone have any suggestions?

I think even this will do most of it for me

Buy an Athem, Cam loves his. I’m not a massive carbon bike fanboi but would buy this or a Santa Cruz.

Look at the Scott Spark too, among others. With $3000 you can get yourself something pretty damn nice.

I like Giant bikes, don’t know what the hate is for.

Get the giant and go ride some trails. They are good bikes. Second choice would be a Trek Fuel in that price range.

Apparent lack of passion. But yeah Giant mtbs are rad. $3k buys you a lot of mtb these days- make sure you look at last seasons run outs for an even better deal. Often the colourwhey changes but the bike is the same from last year. Get the best fork you can get over drivetrain imo

Yerp, forks are exxy & vendor will get a better deal than you ever will.
Drivetrain - watevas. Upgrade brakes if anything.

And seatpost, always upgrade your seatpost …

That Giant Anthem - would ride!

Buy the Giant, cool guy tax isn’t worth it.

Buy me the Giant. I’ll ride it

Buy a giant - don’t understand the stigma. Only downside is that you’re limited to Giant stems due to their 1 1/4" steerer.

new season giants arent the 1 1/4 though, are they? Good thing to keep in mind if going last season or season before…
Is this local?
a little more travel, but a lot of people are saying this thing is a mega fun machine, noticably more playful than the 100 front.

Their road bikes have been 1 1/4" for the past 4-5 years, but I don’t know about MTBs

Went from an Anthem to a Trance SX, rate both.
2015 on, Giant have reverted back to standard tapered steering.

Giant dropped the Overdrive 2 from their current line of models. Makes stems/forks easier to upgrade.

No more Overdrive 2. We raise our glasses to Giant for ditching Overdrive 2 on the mountain bike range for 2015. Gone is the slightly irritating proprietary stem size needed with Overdrive 2 system (1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ upper and lower bearing sizes) that claimed to add stiffness to the front end. Sure, it may have added stiffness, but with Giant or Giant dealers not really carrying a full range of stems, changing a fork or stem length was perceived more hassle than the added performance was benefitted.

Awesome news!

That is good. Maybe scrap last years model then

buy giant, paint matte black, win.

Yeah, I’d go a 2015 Anthem. The best you can fit into your budget.

If you like something a bit more down orientated, then go a Trance.