cops on my street...

are booking motorbikes for riding in the bike lane.

Frickin’ awesome.

riding through Fawkner park I got pulled up this morning. Guy in a green shirt. Parks maybe?
He said " would you like a free cycling map of Melbourne?" I was a bit shocked and said ok THANKS. He then said " you don’t have a bell on your bike?" I said ohh err… no" He pulls one out of his pocket and say “here you go, need a screwdriver?”… wow. That was pretty awesome.

That’s cool, I would like some bells and shit

That is awesome. I have never ran a bell up until a few months ago after getting the shits passing people… I feel bad when you can see in the corner of your eye when you pass them that they are doing that crazy body spasm you get from getting the shit scarred out of you.

Now I have the power of the bell.

I call out “on your right” before passing. I started doing it as a snowboarder as I was sick of people careening into me.
I will use a bell now, much simpler.

There was a highway patrol car doing a circuit of the 40kmh zones in the schools around my area this morning as well.

It’s sometimes safer to be quiet. I can safely pass people when I’m silent. The minute I ring a bell or say ‘passing on the right’ people seem to just jump right into my path. Everytime.


+1 I’d rather them get startled after i’ve passed instead of before and move into my line of fire

I just feel sorry for them, like I want to turn around… give them a hug and apologise for frightening them.

true - but I’d rather frighten them, than cave their chest in with a 40km/h t-bone

I clear my throat when I approach people. It feels more friendly than a bell. For some reason, ringing or flicking a bell makes me feel like I’m rushing them to get out of my way.

A bit of a throat clear, some clacking of brake levers, maybe a bushman’s blow. All subtle cues that sometimes do the job.

Failing that. Giving them a hug like EzyLee suggested could also get them out of the way…

White Industries freewheels are better than a bell.

One stop noisy freewheel shop:
FreeWheel Station

My V!Z is great, maybe I’ll get a 108pt next.

I initially read this as “frighten them, then …” and I was picturing you speeding past, stopping, turning around and hurling a steak at them really, really fast.

Perhaps I need to be getting more sleep.


and if there isnt room to get past i do a fully sick fixie skid so they can hear me coming

I chased a motorbike once for tailing me in the bike lane. I slowed to a stop and he went up on the footpath and around me to get away. I caught up to him at the lights and let rip. Hadn’t had so much fun for ages.

I actually wouldn’t have minded but he almost took me out when he was trying to get onto the bike line (from behind a car). Being tailed just after he’d given me a close eyes and expect impact moment was too much of an insult.

[cool story] If you actually want to freak peds out as you pass them a P-far will do the trick. I was once following a mate on his P-far down the torrens river bike path and we passed a guy jogging, his reaction as a pair of feet peddled by around ear height (with plenty of room mind you, not like P-far nearly clipped the guy) was priceless, the poor guy nearly jumped over the handrail and into the river all the while contorting into a series of strange egyptian heiroglyph positions. [\cool story bro]