cops on my street...

I chased a scooter riding in the bike lane once. He kept cutting into the bike lane to pass banked up cars. Caught him at the lights. Let fly with the abuse… His response? “You cyclists think you own the road”. That’s where I told him that no we don’t think we own the road, we have a 1 metre wide lane that we can ride in, so get the fuck out of it on your scooter. He didn’t ride in it again.

Also, yelled at some guy in Adelaide CDB during peak hour for scooting the bike lane. Nothing gets peoples attention like “get your fucking scooter out of my bike lane”.

Yeah, I’m sure the motorists watching me abuse the motorbike guy when i caught up to him at the lights were wondering what was going on. I kinda felt sorry for him afterwards as he was looking quite scared, especially with an open faced helmet.

I just would have thought given that he’s a motorbike rider that he would have at least known the shit we have to put up with and showed some respect.

Good luck with enforcing the bike lane though. Delivery trucks regularly block the bike lane on my commute and the cops drive past them every day.

“on your right” says to me “im about to ride really close beside you and I’d like you to move into the door zone to allow me to pass please”

I reckon if you’re quick enough to pass, wait for a gap in the traffic, pull out into the lane and pass wide.


I gots me an awesome little bell that fits on with a tough rubber “lacky” to any size bar in seconds. Picked it up in NL. The Peds on the bike paths in here Perth certainly appreciate it.

cops dont tend to care about that stuff, only clear ways during peak hour, they leave most parking issues up to the council rangers.

i got the bell on my roadie, and quite enjoy a bit of a ding, but its mainly used for peds, but what about all the peds with headphones in, if i’m on a bike without a bell and i call out “on your right” they won’t hear and still shit the bed

what do you guys think of joggers in the dark? i don’t have the greatest lights, almost ran into the back of a jogger on a path because it was quite a dark section without street lighting and there were a few trees, pretty sketchy, i reckon they would be well advised to get these back in production

I find joggers to be like kamikaze pilots, they just keep running, at you weaving into your path even when they see you coming.
And that isn’t mentioning the deadly ninja runner, wearing all black at night, deadly they are

lol LA Gears…i used to have a pair when i was 6 back in 92’

I had cheap knock offs :frowning:

Aerosport 2000 FTMFW.

i had Victorys, cos they were from myers and thats where i got my shoes, and my parents wouldn’t spring for nike.

I wanted pumps so bad.

I had some of these too ^^^ eeeughhhH!!

I find most people think a bell is condescending. I once ding ding dinged my bell for a good 50m before coming to a complete stop behind two older women gassbagging while pushing prams. They were taking up the whole path, so I just sat behind them at walking pace dinging until they got the point. Felt like a dick, but a dick can still get things done.

I don’t have a problem as the air my fat body displaces makes enough of a whooshing noise, and I suck more wind than John Henry’s hammer when I am at full steam, most pedestrians have the shit scared out of them. People fear they are about to be flattened by a locomotive or something so they get out of the way.

I have found that honka-hootas raise a smile and get attention.

bells are smaller, but as pointed out can be viewed as annoying.

ive found that a direct ‘on your right’ is also useful when passing people from behind.

as for headphone wearing peds/cyclists… pick a line and stick to it. make it their problem to avoid you (assuming eye contact has been made), if you try and dodge them you only confuse the issue. if they havent seen you… all bets are off.

i got yelled at by an oncoming runner who was on the wrong side of the bike path with their head down and earphones on (thus missing my honka-hoots and ‘HUP!s’ last week and got a shock when they looked up at the last moment… i just waved and smiled and i squeezed past them.

when i commuting out the outer east last year, ninja runners were a bigger nightmare than ignorant car drivers.

I once got criticised by an old guy on a bike out east - “get a louder bell”.

and dogs don’t listen to bells.

I used to live in Princes Hill, and alot of girls when running at night wore blinkies on them, and I also saw a few on dogs. Such a good idea.

along the moonee creek trail you also see blinkies on dogs, attached to there neckerchiefs…

Yeah, I chuck an old light on my dogs collar when walking her at night, particularly in winter. She’s always on the lead, but also all black.

I had a guy running in the bike lane on the road, the wrong way (against traffic) towards me once. He saw me and I just lifted my hands and shook my head in a “what are you doing?” way… Then continued to head towards him, he swerved at the last minute, went on the footpath(!) and called me a fuck wit…