cops on my street...

if there’s no footpath, it’s safer to walk on the ‘wrong side’ of the road, head-on into traffic. that way you know exactly what is coming your way.

obv, your fellow had a problem with cyclists…

There was a footpath on both sides of the road…

The honka hoota gets a cheery response from peds on my Bayside path commute (especially from yummy mummies :p) but some folks don’t recognise it whereas almost everyone recognises a bell (whether they choose to ignore the bell is another matter). That said, I tend only use mine if someone is in the wrong place or otherwise representing a danger to themselves or me. Most times I pick a smooth line that gives the ped plenty of room and cruise quietly past so as not to frighten them into doing something erratic.

and yeah…ninja joggers, esp in winter…and pod zombies…and those friggin dogs on extendable leads…are a bigger menace on my daily trip than cars.

i find no bell, going slowly and giving a wide berth is the best method.
calling out ‘on your right’ generally confuses ppl, who generally know nothing about what this means.
bells are either ignored or the dunce up front turns around and looks at you like a simpleton and doesn’t move

“On your right” helps me to know where to direct the elbows.

Had another wanker jogging towards us in the bike line, meanwhile the footpath is right there… Dickhead.

I had a great ninja jogger moment. I’ve got AyUp’s ful charge flying down the school side cyclepath of anzac parade in the pitch lack, middle of winter. There’s this one bit as you go pass an old fig tree where it is pitch black. Sitting at probably ~30km/h I put my head down to push harder for 2 seconds, and as I look up, I see a jogger, dressed head to toe in black and navy blue - beanie on, gloves, buff around the neck (it was like 3-4degrees outside and windy) about 2 metres in front of me head down.

We both looked up into eachothers eyes at the same time and you could see it in our eyes - ‘oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk’. I somehow managed to dogde her to my right, on the dogdy path/grass/fig tree roots/sandstone tall gutters, not end up on my face/pancaked on anzac parade; a favourable result.

I actually turned around (still pretty shaken up) and rode back up to her (who had stopped) and apoligized. She resfused the apology and offered the fault as her own. She too was a cyclist and be both had scared the shit out of each other. I reckon I passed her with at most 50mm between us.

Unfortunatly she was older, and wasn’t the cute meet cue for a sleep over at her house that night. Dam.

pop a wheelie and head straight at him

I use bothe the bell and calling out but I can only call out when I have the breath. Riding through Southbank of Birrung Mar I just ring the bell continuously. I like the bell because it says bicycle better than anything else and it has the clarity to cut through the white noise. Besides isn’t the bell the official bike warning system as defined by the road rules? Then when you’re up in front of the coroner you can say “But I rang my bell!”

Someone mentioned dogs. In my experience they do hear the bell, they might not look up and say hello because they’re probably smelling some nice piece of piss left by some bitch in heat and CBF. But its better that they know you are there. I was hiking through Yosemite a few years ago and the advice is to make as much noise as you can so that the bears know you are coming and don’t get startled. Same with dogs.

Why won’t scooters ever motorpace me?

Maybe your just too slow…
Haven’t you noticed scooter riders only use 2 throttle settings… Full throttle or zero…
Never any thing else.

I resent that.

Maybe you are…

You guys should ride some of the bike paths in WA… Bells, yelling, skids, hell - Molotov cocktails wouldn’t wake up some of the dopeyist most docile walkers/Joggers/peds you’ve ever seen. must all have heat/sunstroke.

My favourite is the stupid kids/teens/young adults that after a few Bevvies in the park run out in front of you on purpose.

Hopefully left some axle cuts across ones ankles after I whip skidded into their legs to avoid a frontal impact lol

sounds like a rad game

if you ask nicely they will, ive had a couple of mini-tows on st kilda rd and royal pde. ymmv.

or you could just call matty b, but the rate you are improving its not his scooter you want to pace behind, its his new bike.