Courier cup #3 drain sprints

Saturday, February 11, 2012
2:00pm rego 2:30 START sharpish like
phlemgington drains you know under the zipper @ mt alexander rd/ flemington rd freeway junction

wait, so yall wanted a fucken THIRD installment? pussycatting and poobaixing didnt satiate your need for skulling beers in public toilets and busting yo chops round the sea bee dee?

oh alright, here goes, uuuugh yeah so third cab off the rank IN THE GRAND MISSION oops accidental caps lock there sorry anyways yeah the mission to make ACMC 2012 MELBURN happen

this shit be big and fine
proooooobably a little bit blow your mind
sprints kittenwhipppers yeah thats where its at.
there will be beers.
there will be beats.
there will be babes (but only if you byo them cos lets face it we aint pretty)
but most IMPORTANTLY there will be sprinting in the drains till you melt all your brains.

OTHER SHIT (we’re still making it all real, toiling tirelessly to traverse the terrain of your most tingling drain fantasies, fuck man you should see pips face right now he’s concentrating SO hard on coming up with ideas that i rekon his left eyeball is in serious danger of busting its socket, so watch this space with your face )

well, t’will be a day of mayhem and wonder, come one come all dont be shy now we want YOU, yes you… we think you are ferociously gifted on the two-wheeled mechanism otherwise known as a bicycle and we think you are sexy and smell like a freshly baked banana cupcake.


t & p

oh an heres the spacebook link: COURIER CUP #3 tiprat alert DRAIN SPRINTS | Facebook
oh oh an you know the deal re; entry, if you paid for three races then you dont pay shit for this, but otherwise its a tenner, which lets face it will be more than compensated for in beer, prizes, cupcakes, umm, general awesome happy times, and at the end of the day we all know this is a fundaraiser huh huh cos remember we’re trying to make something EVEN BIGGER (and even better, i know what youre thinking, “is that even possible!!!”) happen…
oh oh oh…ok i was lying about that there’ll be cupcakes. i aint baking shit. but youre very welcome to do so and come feed them to each other while mud-wrestling in the drains and then we take photos and post them to your parents. deal? sweeet.

Totally amaze.

Don’t think we aren’t trying to get a BBQ going on aswell

what always amazes me is that teagan is like this in real life as well…

on days when i dont really want to be on facebook any more i read a tj status update and im reminded that there is at least one benefit.

also - i really want a banana cupcake now.

No can do, going overseas on the 25th Jan. If I win stuff in the overall standings, auction it and donate the cash to whatever MDMA wants to do with it (beer?).

Greg (Currently beating everyone)

It’s all pretty close, this event is gonna mix it up for sure.

i wonder if i can dfl again…

I think Caz is going to make cupcakes for everyone. Right Caz?

Eh. The drains are right near my house. I’m probably going to have to, I suppose.

Banana cupcakes, anyone?
Who wants what?
Anyone vegan, etc?

that DFL was rightfully mine. you’re gonna have to be seriously incompetent to wrest it away from me this time!

wait, is this going to be ‘Drag racing’ where we all dress up as hot bishes? or not? cause I’m kinda looking for an excuse.

<threadjack> you will have an excuse soon enough i hear</threadjack>

sime lets face it, youre a hot bish EVERY day…

yeah man dress up sounds rad, i had hella fun at that drags nick and brendan organised aeons ago, rekon everyone will get keen on the idea again and dress up? we could even have some kinda of costume contest, hmmmm… whaddayall reckon?

OH, AND: ACMC 2012 | MELBURN (yep yep shits up an running)

If I come and photograph this fine event, do I get a teeshirt anyway?

Yeah this. Better than paying us money, right? ;]

ughhhhh obviously we’re keen to have you along guys but the rego money pays directly for tshirts and gear you get upon registering for participation, we’re running a pretty tight budget like money is coming directly from our paychecks to get this off the ground, so we cant really give shirts away cos we cant invent money from nowhere, however we can sell them to you… cheap! and what you get on the house is good peeps, good times, goof fun, sound like a plan? also Caz, sorry for not picking up the snakey skins this week, i was hella busy brrrrrrr but whachu up this this weekend can i track you down somewhere? also ill give you an example of what im making of them to say spanx!

unless theres spares laying aboot in which case maybe we can sort somethin out…but thats a game of chance and not entirely up to me but we’ll see!

I’m happy to buy a tee!! :smiley:

Yeah me too. Teagz, PM or Facespace me closer to the dates if you want to sort out where you want me for photos and all that jazz. That and I’m sure Caz and I can have discussions to make sure we get the most and best coverage for ya! :]