Cousin Balki's Melbourne Rant Thread.

He is a man of many locations, but one shop. Good Cycles!

BikeWest Fest on now, celebrating the official opening of the Quary Park MTB trails in Footscray. Should be fun.

rode into a packed bike hub/EOR this morning & discovered it’s ride to work day!


Not a lot of publicity about it. I couldn’t even find any mention on the BV website.

I remember Blakey’s guide to Ride to Work day. So many coffee stops.

I saw it was on and had intentions of stopping at the Docklands breakfast. Then I saw it wrapped up at 8:30am so found something better to do.

I got the 2nd last bit of bacon at ~ 9:15

got a free double espresso. was pretty good too!

drove to work. in my defence its 75km one way. Wouldn’t have stopped me once I suppose.

I got the bus. My commute is always too early to catch any of the freebies anyway.

Should still collect. They owe you for the rest of the year, surely?

Bicycle Super Highway
(If you’re happy doing laps of one intersection)

Article does refer to also adding on road bike lanes in the area…

So, electric scooters in bike lanes

More acceptable and less scary than electric skateboards.

fine so long as they offer a tow.

I’ve drafted behind a few of them for novelty value

There was an interesting article (ABC web site maybe?) around electric scooter legislation around the country. Quite interestingly, electric scooters are not legally allowed to go faster than 10km/h.

Bike cops riding up & down Sydney Rd pingin ppl on their phones.


The e-bikes will be serviced and maintained by Good Cycles, a Melbourne-based social enterprise