Cousin Balki's Melbourne Rant Thread.

So whats going on here. he went too sharp and skidded out the frontwheel? How does this even happen?

Classic hipster visitor to melbourne issues! Probably got fined on the tram after crashing for having no ticket/myki too

I saw it as his body weight is moving in a different direction from his wheels, so when the back wheel has crossed the track it’s just slide and thrown him off. Way more aggressive then it needed to be

yeh he absolutely dogged himself there. you can do it that fast but gotta be way smoother.

nearly binned it on gertrude street the other week doing something similar with a heavily loaded front rack. didn’t but.

it’s never happened, but the tram tracks’ll get me one day…

Been going the long way to work this week to clock up the k’s and almost every morning there’s a dude riding in the opposite direction balancing a water bottle on his head.

On the path next to Moonee Ponds creek? I see him too, sometimes riding…sometimes walking.
Always with the bottle on his head.

Yes! Maybe I should offer a high five…

He’s chill, i’m sure he’d take it in his stride (or pedal) and keen on keepin’ on.

That’s Sassy. Jamaican dude. Has a cool old klunkrr MTB. Drops into work occasionally. Well Irie.

same sassy that used to have sassy’s jamaican on st george’s rd?


(had a tiny bottle of hot sauce from there that was incredible)

I believe so.

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also butchers paper on the tables… so retro but so fun!

i only went once & i’m pretty sure it was after a BCC event/race at DISC. feel like duggan & james were there, maybe you too…?

no memory of this event imo. sounds razzy but.

Reckon I was there that night. Banger.

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Fuckn. Seems like every bike shop in Melbourne has Orange Seal in their workshop, but none for fuckn sale.


We have some for sale. 3 sizes. Shrug

Yeah Jetnikoff had some too. Got wifento pick it up. What bike shop are you at?