Crabon track frame

Dunno anything about the frame, but just curious - is that seatpost some aero shit, or is it in backwards?

backswards is my first impression

I’d say it is installed backwards but done on purpose, possibly to long in the top tube for the rider? This is totally a guess though.

sometimes folks run them like that for a “better” time trial position.

when i say folks here, it should be taken to mean triathletes.


This still has a legal position though, and pardon my duuuumbness, but aren’t most aero posts like, tear drop shaped? I imagine it’d be difficult as all anything trying to stick on e of those in backwards. .

2nd that. I think its normal - which is to say TT bikes look fucked up any way you look at it. Note that most modern TT frames have a near 90degree seat tube - while this doesn’t. This is so that the rider can position the saddle as far as forward as is legal (50mm behind BB from memory). Its all thanks to the likes of Graeme Obree. That guy had some crazy setups which he used to smash world records and then were promptly outlawed by UCI. Look it up he’s a legend.

But I gotta say the BMC rig that Cadel used at Glenoble is the nicest looking TT out - that thing is HAWT.

its not backwards, it cant be because the seatpost is a tear drop shape. its a copy of the cervelo post which has 2 holes in the top to move the seat clamp forward or backward so you can move directly over the cranks for time trialling.

Yeah, teardrop shaped, so not backward just time trial like.
So this bike is only use for a couple of different events then?

And why does those chainring bolts look like they are in backwards?
Is this a TT thing :wink:

Profile has been selling forward bent (?) seatposts for years, so that Trihards can move forward to better use their aero bar setups.
…and then bike companies started designing frames that way.

this. you could take down the death star with that fucker. no wonder the schlecks looked scared before they even started.

Needs more Lazerz.

One day I will own one, till I can afford a 15grand bike I will make do