Crud Road Racer (Mk 2) Muddies

OK so I’ll kick this off (posted somewhere else but it is a product review and a few folks have asked me about them, now that the drought appears to be over)

Product: Crud Road Racers Mudguard I have the Mark 2 version with the extra-long mudflap on the rear one.

How long used: 3-4 months
Where used: Melb Roads, Mt Buffalo & Tawonga (in pissing rain)
What similar product have you used: various clip-ons incl race blades

Mark 2 is beefier than Mk 1
Excellent coverage, much better than race blades;
Fits tight road frames (need about 5mm min clearance under fork & brake bridge)
Easy to fit, no tools required except maybe snips to trim the reusable ties a bit;
Sturdy when fitted, no rattles (they feel a bit flimsy out of the box);
The little floaty rim brushes help some with braking in the wet;

25c tyres are a squeeze, can tweak them around 25s but 23c fits best.
Don’t “clip-on-clip-off” like raceblades. They can be removed without tools easily enough but I don’t intend to race that bike so I just leave 'em on;
Not roadie cool, but a few blokes with grimy wet arses have been asking about them lately…

About $40 at Wiggle

that looks pretty sweet man, may have to look into that for the commuter