custom Ovington

So tonight i got back one of my old track bikes from when i was racing as a junior. soo excited!

Frame is colombus airplane, with the colombus BB shell
Record headset, cranks
Nitto B123(i think?) bars
thomson post, flite seat
record to velocity fusion rims 32h front and 40h rear. i didnt even know they made 40h rears??

soo strange to ride an alloy bike again, this thing must weigh half what my max colossi does! Only three frames were painted like this, this one, my coaches road bike and mark renshaws ovington he had at the time.

Now THAT’S a Southern Cross I can get behind.

So fucking stoked for you Nate! That dude sounded like he was never going to let it go. Glad that it has finally made its way home. So when are we going to see it back at Chandler? Or is it destined for a wall, or the street?

I dont think ill race this one, probably just keep it you know, tho i do have an urge to put rizorz and a rack on it… front end is pretty tight, thats a 20mm tyre on it now so i think even a 23 would be a bit tight. its soo nice to ride tho so i think in some way i will end up riding it every now and then. I would like to find out what material the forks are tho.

That BB shell is dope!

changed the seat/stem over, took some links out of the chain, put pedals on it and took some nicer photos!

really nice! though… can’t help but think it needs a bit of negative on that stem.

Looks real nice,
WHo made these i dont know much about them?
The bb is mental.
Neg stems are for hipsters, Other that the tt i didnt see any at the worlds,

Needs more disc:

ex danny clark araya disk

Now we’re talking!

all of this rules so hard.

That’s the bike Cathy Watt rode is it not.
I remember watching that race back in the day and to this day I think it is the best bike ever made.
Is that an old photo of the bike with the disc.

yep, so technically as a junior i was never able to race the disk :frowning:

I’d need a pos rise stem If my frame was that small and drops that deep!

Sweet bike!

Yeah that’s the one:

So Nate, where are the photos of you smashing this thing around Chandler as a junior?


there’s not actually many photos of me racing, and most are film/ in boxes at my parents… Next time im over ill grab some and get em up, but…

warm up at rocky cup on wheels, im in blue and white leading the fast train around the top, kid just rolls down from the fence without looking, took out the guy behind me.

crash RC2004 - YouTube


dug around at my parents for a while, didnt find the photos i was after, mum has scrap-booked all the good ones! i did find some interesting stuff.

roller racing demo for cycling queensland at southbank, gerrard o’connel on other side

the old evolution with diskzzzz

warming up on someone else’s bike. this pic rules just because of all the bikes in the pic, perkins, 2 maybe 3 ken’s and a frezoni! oh and a berretto…