CX Frames

Have started collecting pieces and really want to get together a cross bike for commuting, training rides for fitness, bit of weekend singletrack and 4,6 hour and 100km events in WA. Keen on steel but will do alloy. I am going to run the new SRAM Apex groupo, a woodchipper bar and woudl like to run BB7 disks if i find the frame to fit it.
So, thus far i like:
Voodoo Wazoo (if i can find a 58)
Champione Brunswick steel (cant find any info but look a very nice frame in nivocrome)
Salsa Lacruz (again cant find any around tho)

Any suggestions on other frames or advice on any of these?
thanks in advance

Oh and also, mainly pea gravel here so any advice on tyre choice?

My choices would be

Singular Peregrine (if you fit a medium there’s a sale here: Flickr: Singular Cycles’ Photostream)
Rawland Drakkar (commuter cycles sells them I think)
Vassago Fisticuff (looks like a poorly designed frame to me and probably the most expensive due to shipping costs)
On-One Pompetamine (cheapest of the lot, excellent quality… ss only however)

a few forum members have voodoo wazoos…

paging blakey, snowflake, erle. have the Wazoo back in stock with a carbon fork. Free shipping currently too. have some Rawland Drakkars, but not sure how many aren’t spoken for, give them a call.

Pompino is cantis & SS, Pompetamine is discs & SS, Kaffenbak is geared. All great value frames. Even BikeSnobNYC rides one.

US Ebay can yield great bargains with acceptable shipping costs.

I have a 58cm grey Cross Check that I’m looking to part with too, but no discs.

We’ve got a size M drakkar left.

For those playing at home, Scottles is referring to Commuter Cycles.

bummer, they look nice but a M wont fit my legs. Im too big.
thanks for the ideas guys. keep em coming if you think of more.
It is great that frames are being developed to be used as fixed, s/s, geared, onroad, offroad. awesome.

No good for you but there are 54,56 wazoo’s in stock at the moment and 58 in a few months if any one wants one.

would you happen to be Velogear? If so, interested in a 58 so may just wait. I keep going back to the wazoo, such a nice looking frame.

100ks on pea gravel eh? my call would be around a 35 mm cx tyre
Re frames. I have a la cruz - damn fine commuter, a on-one pomp - great fun no frills simple sscx, and a drop bar ss 29er / monster cross- single track, commuting and just fun.
Problem is all three “cross” over in a lot of same uses, but each still have a thing they do best. if I was in WA and could only have one do it all bike, I would go a drop bar 29er and swap out tyres from fat to thin depending on what you need that week or weekend.

2009 Ridley Crosswind - Competitive Cyclist

Marked down to $349 for one day only. 54cm or 56cm left.

Um, I picked up what I think was the last Ridley xfire 54cm frame this morning for $499.

Wowzers. USD$470 delivered. Bargain.

Where’s the bargains in 60cm???



I’m keeping an eye out for you… but i know better than to send you links for rubbish generic alu frames. :wink:

possibly wrong thread, but couldn’t be bothered starting a new one.

was in Cecil on Brunwick St last weekend and they had a couple sizes of Bianchi San Jose SS CX on sale for $950.
no idea if this is a reasonable price

^ Single speed only but nice looking bike.

So jealous 1234

If was to spend between 1.5 - 2k on a frame what would you guys recommend?

Req- Steel

  • Drops work for S/s & Gears
  • Has serious street Cred…
  • Disc or canti