Cycle underground Chainring with Wippermann chain

To anyone who has a Cycle underground Chain-ring,
Can you tell what Chain brand are you using?

As I tried fitting a Wippermann Rotstern chain 1/2 X 1/8
onto a cycle underground 4mm Chain-ring.

And chain catches on the sides of teeths when you rotate the
chain-ring the chain is binding onto the chain ring teeth.

I fitted my old KMC chain back on it works fine… but it’s a bit stretched
and needs to be replaced, so I have ordered another KMC, see what happens.


KMC kool: super smooth and quiet

KMC Z510, 1/2 x 1/8

Plenty of suitable KMC chains on eBay for $5-10

KMC Superkool.

The CU teeth are quite chunky. Check that your chainline is good.

The CU chainrings have a different tooth profile from the regular 1/8 chainrings from say, Sugino or Shimano.
The tooth profile is not chamfered, but rather is square. This is a ‘good’ thing in that it’s possibly more durable (although I’m not sure if I believe this).
On the downside this square profile might cause a few compatibility problems with chains like you mention.

I use a Izumi nickel-coated 1/8 chain and it was noisy to begin with, but it’s pretty good now.

I’m running an izumi chain on mine and it’s fine. Bit of noise to begin with but gone after a few short rides.

+1 for the KMC Kool.
The chunky angluar shaped links i gather are some sort of bmx thing, but out of the three chains i’ve been swapping between lately it’s by far the quietest. It does seem maybe a fraction wider than usual too which might help you out.

Thanks everyone for your replies, I thought it was just me that might be having
this problem… I will be getting a new KMC Z510 chain today.
Thanks again for the advise.