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anyone else get an unsolicited email from these guys?

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No but somebody forwarded it to me. Are they ex-BSC employees?

that would be my guess


This is excellent news: somewhere to buy tubes within walking distance of my office.

Hmmm website reminds me of something…

Australian Securities and Investments Commission - 07-05 Phoenix crackdown reaps results

It’s great to see yet another ‘high end’ (super expensive to cover even the rent alone) bike shop in Melbourne.

Does anyone remember City Cycles in Lonsdale street?

Fitzroy Cycles in Swanson street?

Then there was SHM.

Then there was BSC.

Not forgetting Spoken.

The list goes on and on…

Supporting bicycle shops in the city centre has always concerned me simply because the overhead costs alone for the shop will guarantee that whatever you buy is not going to be cheap.

Cycles Galleria is going to be another bike shop where the layout looks amazing with all these super nice bikes on the floor, shiny glass displays with stuff you only see at trade shows and a feel good environment that makes paying triple seem somehow justified because you were allowed to see that new electronic carbon frame thingy before anyone else could.

Are you sure they are ‘employees’? The timing seems simply bloody quick for a new venture to be launched simply by BSC employees. Hmmm… something just doesn’t smell right here.

Cycles Galleria sounds a little too close to Bike Gallery for my liking…

Robin (from Cycles Galleria) used to manage BSC (QV) before becoming the general manager of the whole BSC company.

Yet Sydney sustains several high end CBD bike shops within pissing distance of each other. Odd huh?

Melbourne 0 Sydney 2 :smiley:

I don’t think we’re lacking options for high-end bike shops in Melbourne SK.

I know that, I’ve been to a few… Ours arn’t going broke is all… :wink:

I’m only making fun of you cnuts any ways… Geezz

Yeah I know you Kanye…

In any case, seeing as though the Scientologists dissaprove of 650beardoism there’s not a hope in hell that Cycles Gonorrhea will be seeing my custom.


Perhaps walking in there, checking it all out and meeting the staff might be the first port of call before giving a negative opinion? I know I’d hate it if people made such assumptions about my work having never stepped in the door.

I will now disclose my bias, I know Robin and he’s a great dude.

Hey Jear - Spiro says you’ve put on a few with too many tapas. Can you confirm or deny this?

This is FOA. But point taken, I’ll go and check it out.