Cycling and keeping healthy

I’ve always struggled with weight ever since i was a teenager, lost a lot when i left school but managed to put it all back on. i’ve always ridden some form of bike, not so much in the past to keep fit. well 2011 was a big year for me in cycling, i rode 30km a day to and from work then 100+ km on the weekends. managed to loose 20kg. which was great, then i moved away from Melbourne and didn’t ride so much and put a huge amount back on. This year i can safely say things have changed, i no longer smoke drink, i don’t eat meat and i’m always eating healthy and i ride every day.

Just like to share the results i’ve made this year and i ow it all to cycling mtb or fixed i ride big km’s on both.
so this year since jan i’ve 25 kg so far,

on the left is me now at 74kg on the right is me early last year at around 99kg

well done mate!!

I suck @ eating well. one week I’ll cook & take leftovers for lunch etc etc, next I won’t be organised & it’s toasted sandwiches & takeaway.

keep it up cam.

Awesome work mang! good on ya! 25kgs is no easy feat!

Ive only dropped 10kgs since beginning of the year, 95 to 85 now. Would love to be closer to 80, or even under 80 but love my junk food too much.

One of those new years reso things, decided to cut out all junk food and carbs, and just did 6 mins of high intensity work outs once day, basically 6 sets of 30 seconds of burpies. That went on for a few months and it worked.

Few months or so ago ive gone back to a ‘normal’ diet and started to run twice a week and if im lucky get about 100-120kms on the bike.

But as i said, love my junk food too much, and life’s too short to be eating healthy sh1t 24/7.

I am still trying to push to get to 80, my calf has just recovered from a strain a few weeks ago so havnt ran since.

But yeh, junk food is my downfall =(

Cycling is good for more than just your physical health. I really don’t have an issue with weight and am built like a stick, but I get real lazy/shitty when I’m not riding. Viva la Cycling!

Re: Your life = good work

For those of you playing at home. 176cm and 56-57kg

thanks guys :slight_smile: yeah when i’m not riding or miss a day, I go for runs up the mountain!! i’ve gotten to a point if i don’t do any hard exercise, i feel lazy… even get to a point if i’m watching dvds 'im doing sit-ups whilst i’m watching them :smiley:

Good man !!! Well done, I need to do the same :wink:


Holy shit balls man! If you didn’t point out that was you in the other pic I would never have guessed it, for realz! Looking strong like bull man, well done.

cycling is probably the only reason I’m not fat.

holy shit, hardly looks like the same bloke. Thats an expensive wardrobe change in a year!

Great work mate! Motivation is alway the key to sticking at these types of goals. Changing diet is hard too, so well done there.

Nice work Cam… grow that mo back though.

Needs more face tattoos tbh

This is cool man, well done.

Yet another notch for the fixie dream.

Yeah looking good, bloody good effort.

Well done man. Admirable Effort!
Has the tattoo under your eye moved backwards since you lost all the weight? Looks like it in the photos.

Np, I think one of the images has been reversed.

Mirror selfie is playing tricks.

i’ve got two face tattoos, its just mirrored though.