Cycling shoes- MTB

Hey guys,

My old Shimano SPD MTB shoes are nearly kaput, so I’m looking for a new pair. I have been reasonably happy with the Shimano shoes but they only have velcro straps and they are not made of leather (synthetic material stinks really badly after a while)
The Sidi brand seems to have a good rep- I was thinking of something like this:

What are peoples opinion of them?
They need to be compatible with Shimano SPD MTB cleats.
And no, I don’t want to use clips and straps and look like a fixie douche.

SIDI shoes are usually very well made and durable - but the standard last in them has got a bit narrower in recent years (like a few makers, including Shimano) so if you have a wide foot and/or high arches (like me) they might not be for you. The make a ‘mega’ fitting with extra width but not in all models (even the ‘mega’ isn’t super wide).

If you do have wide feet, look at the mid-range Pearl Izumis - Rebel have been running down their stock. Northwave tend to be very wide but even they got a bit narrower in '08.

+1 on captain commuters comments about sidi. the normal are relatively narrow, but the mega (which they do do in the bullet and dominator - the main two types you might want if you plan to walk not slip off the bike).

ive beaten the stuffing out of mine (doms-mega) for a few years and they are still going strong. plus they are very low key… which is good if you want to duck the clown shoe rep that bike shoes often have (sidi road shoes/northwaves im looking at you!)

i have heard that lakes are also quite wide.

the key is to find a style that fits as you can negate some of the benefits of a clipless shoe if you choose fashion (style or size) over function.

side question: you mention you want leather, yet you ask about sidis… lorica isnt leather AFAIK, but it also doesnt stink after weeks and weeks of wear.

I’ve got pretty wide feet and when i was in the market for new shoes last year i tried on Shimano, Sidi, Northwave, Specialized, Time and Pearl Izumi. The Sidi were by far the best feeling and fitting shoe and you could see and feel that the quality in them smashed everything else for 6. Thing is i ended up going for the Izumis cause i got a pair of the $200 ones for $60. Happy days but next time it’s the Sidi’s. Beautiful shoes.

My only advice is don’t get a ratchet based shoe, more moving parts leaves you open to having it fail just as you are about to go for a ride or halfway through a massive trek.

Go out, try some shoes and see what fits best.

in well over 20 years of riding (on and off) I haven’t had a shoe ratchet fail.

that might not be everyone’s experience

That said, another plus for SIDI is their ratchets are replaceable.

When you say ratchet, you’re talking about the top ratcheted strap yes?

And what is that round strap thing that some of the top-of-the-line SIDI models have- reliable?

I think I’m veering towards the SIDI’s. One last thing- the ‘Mega’ term seems the shoes are for wider feet?


I’ve had diadora proracer even the shimano custom fit but my sidi ergo’s, and 6.6’s, feel like a comfy pair of socks compared to them, even after a few crashes you can replace parts and they come up a treat,

mind you it’s hard to get them on the cheap in the last 12 months, and half sizes are not easy to come by either,
that said i think the 6.6s are worth the money and time finding a pair,

Oh yeah and you should think about getting a black pair of shoes as they all go blackish in the end anyway, (avoid lime green/ yellow / red. :-D)

the ratchet is the only non-velcro strap on the sidi dominators. the bullets dont have one., but the eagles do.

like both capt comm and i said… try the shoes (both normal and mega) for sidis before you decide how wide feet you need to have to fit the megas. normal certainly doesnt correspond to normal width feet in this case.

it may be tempting to just buy a set online… but you will be far happier (and faster) if you have a set of shoes that fit you properly. its another reason to go to an actual bike shop (or shops) and talk to them.

You’d better get some neoprene booties for those Craig, they don’t look very waterproof.

digging this thread instead of making a new one.

Choosing between Giro Gauge, Mavic Fury, Shimano M183 or Sidi dominator.

Shimano’s fit well but feel heavy clunky, The mavic chasms fit well but not quiet as enveloping/solid (not sure if this is the right word, shimanos felt like a nice hug) as the shimano’s. Keen on the Giro’s because i can get them for a steal but don’t know as much about them, anyone had experiences with any of these shoes (except for dominators, everyone uses them…)

shimano shoes have no passion

this is true but they happen to be very comfortable and bomb proof. My experience with mavic shoes has been meh (pretty flexy).

saying something japanese is bombproof is in poor taste.

This guy ^

Aeons, I just got some dominators from Ribble for like $170ish, dunno if that helps.

My 2c: Specialized MTB shoes are the business. I don’t go for any moving parts on my MTB shoes (Ratchets + that wire shit) and opt for the trusty velcro. I have had the same pair since mid 2007 and will be replacing them with new specialized shoes for my birthday.

EDIT: I run the 2006 Specialized Experts

IMO, Shimano are heavy compared to SIDI. Also the toe box is kinda square which I didn’t like. I found Specialized like that too. I have the all velcro SIDI’s and they’re still going strong, though a little battered and can recommend them.

Personally, I’d go MAVIC in yellow ! All the cool kids have them.

You have to have big calves to pull off those yellow mavics. Go to the gym and then report back.

Fuck that, these are my next shoe, even if just for super commuting. Try shoaling me now bitch