Cycling Study

I’m taking part in a cycling study. Basically some researchers from Monash are collecting 12 hours of video data from different people commuting each day. I get to have a camera on my helmet for a month. Any ideas of funny things i can do to make the footage humorous, post it here.

note: i will probably take the camera off for fix up.

Ditto, also taking part in that study, getting camera fitted tomorrow.

Errant dog-walkers of Brighton, be warned!

Word CC.

Stop at a cafe and use their toliet facilites. Even better if it records audio.

do some njs walking and some alley cats

can you ride into a lift and complain about the lack of bike space? gotta have audio for that one

Rig up the camera so that midway through your commute it looks like you do a backflip over something or start flying.

Ride up and down Brunswick St with no brakes or bell. Film ensuing frivolity.

Audio would be ideal. I’m hoping the study lady doesn’t object to my track bike…

Automated car wash.


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I like…

get some friends together and do a cover version of this

hairwhips to whatever is on your music player… make sure your locks are untied for maximum confusion as hair flies past the camera.

ride part of your commute with your helmet on backwards… but make the switch with the camera turned off to make it look somewhat seamless and confuse the viewers.

get a large pole/fishing rod and somehow dangle something in front of you…like the ol carrot in front of the donkey trick.

perhaps some shiny njs parts :stuck_out_tongue:

stare at women, children and fat people for waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long

^hahaha this for sure

I have some taste. Also dread’s are lame.

…do some downhill runs at dusk and film bug splats… rig up a still photo in front of lens of Stelvio pass/tropical island/your idea of paradise.