Cyclist to sue Warnie

Cyclist to sue Shane Warne

Apologies if there is a blanket ban, but it’s a feel good story this time.

Excellent. Anyone know hwo we can buy this guy a beer, or chip in some $'s for his legal fee’s?

Yeh, one of you melburn kiddies must know someone who knows someone who knows this guy’s paypal deets.

Steve Zero works with him I think. I hope he takes him to the fucking cleaners!

A civil case is never easy, and you can be sure Warne will be well armed with Lawyer’s and suddenly willing witnesses. I mean, I hope he does clean out Warney but I’d be happy to send a few $'s his way as there’s always a chance that justice will be obfuscated and our man will be out of pocket big time.

Let’s hope not. It could be a litmus test case that affects all cyclists.

I’d be more than happy to donate a few $$ in support

Hopefully he has has a firm like Slater & Gordon batting for him. i.e No Win-No Fee.

This link is worth bookmarking BTW. (I’ll stick in the What To Do If You’re Hit thread too).

Cycling Claims, Accident Claims - Slater & Gordon Lawyers

Where’s the kickstarter page for this?


Yep he’s a mate of mine, a TDR member and a frequent lurker here. He’s been on a few gravel grinds on that Soma Double Cross.

He certainly appreciates the support. He only wants Warne to fix the bike, but it’s more about demonstrating publicly that hitting cyclists and leaving is not OK.

Wade from CT has actually helped him out massively. Organising his bike to be repaired and sending him a whole bunch of stuff. The community is no doubt behind Mat.

Love to see Warne publicly apologise and retract his statements etc. That would be the best outcome.

Fuck yea! If he needs donations to cover legal cost let us know
That fat fuck needs to be brought to heel…

Any one notice In that Australia day video I posted Warnie was one of the c unts amongst the political leaders?


What a douche for saying cyclists need license plates haha

i’m willing to bet this will be settled out of court, and this will be the last we hear of it.

I’ll bet you something Brendan, as i’m sure the press will dig this back up time and time again.

6 pack of ginger beer! Do it Brendan!

Rolly makes Beer?

thanks nexus but didn’t quite meant that. i meant a page on, to fund the project :slight_smile:

yep, got the recipe from here

ha ha ^ there is no way i’m clicking that link.

surely its a pisstake!

that’s what i thought, but…

Paul “Fotie” Photenhauer - Google Search

i feel queasy