Daccordi track.. now tarck as hell..

Picked this up last weekend. Nicest bike I’ve ever owned! So stoked.

Sorry about the shitty photos. Only thing left to change is the grips.

Frame is pantographed ‘Daccordi’ on the seat stay caps, and on the fork crown, but the decals are spelt Dacorrdi, haha. It was repainted by a moron in it’s previous life. Frame was in perfect condition when I got it, the guy who had it must have never rode the thing, he said it’s only been used on the track, and all the bolts on it were barely finger tight…

Very nice looking bike. Good score.
Dakordy make really nice frames.

Looks so good.

Good to see another Daccordi built up.

That is sweeet :slight_smile:

maybe its a chinese copy

Looks awesome dude, nice score

good bike, nice fork. i like that the photo’s are not super sized as well.

cheers guys! so stoked to be riding such a solid bike.

the paint is weak as well, so it’s going ot get pretty ugly pretty fast. anybody here know anything about sugino AP144 cranks? they are track and super stiff, a lot nicer then the old sugino mighty’s i’ve run this whole time.

I love those forks

very nice.

8=====D - - - - -

I have one of these beasts waiting for me in Brisbang :evil: Can’t wait to get home and give mine a thrashing…

Updated pics.

Surely someone here must know about Sugino AP cranks…? I can’t find any info on them and they’re pretty nice!

real nice, esp forks.

hell yeah, those forks look the goods.




Sweet looking ride.

looks awesome.
whats going on with your seat tube? is that an old tube wrapped around it to protect the paint?

Very, very nice.

What about the handlebars? I’d like to get me some similar…

That stem is about as high as it can possibly go, or its even over the high tide line ???

Nice looking though, well done

i love the forks