DC PK Ripper launch at Halfsleeve.

The new DC PK Ripper is being launched at Halfsleeve and TC has put on an event. It’s a team alleycat I think and he is going to raffle off the bike at the end of the night. There will be loads of other prizes and booze for the after party at the shop.

Come down cause it’s going to be rad and a hecka party.

Partys are pretty cool and ally cats are fun… But the world has enough very average fixed gear completes on the market…

Come for the party and the alley cat, if you win the “average complete fixed gear” just give it away no sweat.

Quit your elitist bitching Zak. If everyone had a custom built 853 Perkins you wouldn’t have anything left to talk about, and that would be a tragedy.

Hahah I always have something to talk about jono You should know this by now!!

Launch partys are always fun!! I’ll be there!!

More than aware.

I too will be there. Want to win this bike, sell it for moneys, build touring bike.

If I’m around I’ll be there, hangin out. Perfect opportunity to wear skinsuit methinks.

that would be pretty funny


The teams part sounds like loads of fun we will be there for sure. And i do hope Rhys turns up dressed to impress haha.
Zack the bikes are pretty decently equipped for the money the only real problem is that there is no possible way of attaching any kind of foot retention to the very confused pedals, every one of these bikes I have sold thus far i have had to change the pedals to a strap friendly version. For someone just getting into riding fixed the bikes are pretty solid for the cash, im just not sure how old Perry Kramer feels about having his name on a bike he has nothing to do with, but i guess he got some kind of royalty money for it. I really like how the halfsleeve dudes put Perrys head on the flyer for the event…Rad…PK rules the world. I think he now works for Giant though.

i want that yellow/black quadangle!! shit’s hot

ps: just my imagination, or does the flyer (and this thread) not have a day / date?

edit - oh wait, I see it. Friday 4 June

Well Mr dirty I can help you out with desire of yours. You dont even have to wait for halfsleeve to get them as we have had them for about a month.

I know, I’ve seen the pics in your window… but it’s at least 3 bikes away unfortunately. I need a decent track bike and a road bike first.

A track bike and a roadie! What kind of forum do you think this is haha. I too had fantasies of the quad but i figured when the hell would I even ride the thing. Its hard enough getting time to ride my little wheels and the fixed the amount I would like let alone a sweet ass quad!

A baby blue 24" quadangle has been in my dreams for a while… a 26" version would be even more awesome for beating around the CBD like I do now on my current 24"
Would go for the sake of the raffle alone, but as always prior commitments hold me up. If anyone’s interested in a warehouse party afterwards (multiple soundsystems, Dnb/Dubstep/Techno/etc) lycra would fit right in there…

Sheet, freaked me out for second there Dirty.

Psyched for everyone to come.

I had an 83 quadrangle all original with redline 3 piece cranks, bulls eye hubs blah blah…sold it about 5 years ago to buy track bike parts, I wish I hadn’t done that…

Double Post…