Decennial Anniversary Fixie Remembrance Bicycle

Bought this on a whim for $200, mostly because I had some Nitto Nord East bars that I wanted to see on a bike. Plopped on a different fork (thanks Ghostcar) for those <2mm clearance feels.

Lots of patina, a spattering of good parts - will probably be ridden a few times then sold or festooned with drop bars and clickyclack pedals and taken to the velodrome.

Frame+fork: Dunno, cinelli BB + suntour track ends, stickered as Merckx cos why not?
Cranks: Sugino 75
Wheelset: Novatech to alex something somethings, complimentary gatorskins
Stem: Cinelli (1a?)
Seatpost: Campagnolo (?) / Selle Regal
Bars: Nitto Nord East

This is so sick.

No frills/no fucks given type set up.

What’s the TT length?


Might need to sort out a <50 tooth front chainring and a new headset at some stage.

It looks like a McBain

Whip skidz down foreaux?!


let me know if/when you sell :slight_smile: