Decent magazines?

sitting @ Perth airport bored & thought if buy a magazine to keep me amused.

not a single magazine interested me. I’m aware the options @ an airport are somewhat limited, but thought there’d be something!

I used to read aust motorcycle news, but it lost its appeal when I stopped riding.

cycling magazines seem like massive adverts or heavily road season influenced.

so what do people read regularly? doesn’t have to be bike related necessarily, just with a range of interesting topics.

searched, not a lot on here.

I dunno, maybe I’m asking too much…?

There are some that have good articles, if you ignore the picture spreads.

There’s your problem.

Dude, if can find it “Out for fame” or “O4F” is a great Aust Graff / culture / Hip Hop mag. Great Design, writing and all Ozzy production. Don’t know if people here are into Graffiti but I love it, have lived it and paid for it., “Style life” is a great Euro mag and “Blitzkrieg” is a great discontinued Ozzy mag by a Brizzy writer “Kasino” that will turn up in Stores here and there. Melburn has a mad scene so you should be able source them pretty easy (def not at the airport sorry) enjoy!

You like cars… get unique cars and dream of all the cars you could buy. Apart from that, magazines are dead. INTERNET!

For life and style stuff Monster Children’s not bad. Otherwise I just read Tracks/Transworld Snow depending on the season.

yeah I’d happily read a transworld skate/snow mag actually, didn’t see any though. might look again.

I have a sneaking suspicion my lack of interest in anything is a reflection of myself, and I’m actually a total bore!!

oh dear…

I picked up Mens File mag in Darwin airport the other week and is now offitcially the best Mag ever… had everything covered from Classic lightweight’s website founder to Japanese denim amd Flat tracker moto’s… so awesome

Okay - if you’re in an airport your options are obviously limited, but there’s still some gold to be found - New Scientist and The Economist might look boring but there’s actually some pretty interesting stuff to be found in them. Time magazine probably passed its peak decades ago, but there still good stuff to be found there too. Oh and go on - pick up a copy of Monocle, you know you want to.

As for a list of good magazines outside the constraints of an airport, I’m gonna need a lot more time.

I always just assumed this was gonna be about expensive watches & the best way to tone my sweet abs!!

will keep it in mind next time.

Chaz - thank you sir.

I’m on the plane now, cya soon Melbourne, the rest of you feel free to chat amongst yourselves.

I like reading through a few of the popular music mags. Try and get my hands on Steel whenever i can though.

I’m sure Dylan can put you onto a few nice mags to help pass the time!

“Thunder thighs”?

Cosmos - like a scientific version of National Geographic written for idiots (well almost). Easy read and always something interesting to impress your friends with.

If you’re at the airport I would have to say that you probably don’t have a shit show’s chance of finding a decent cycling magazine - Rouleur, Privateer, Spoke, Boneshaker… All a bit too niche.

I’d be getting a copy of Gormet Traveller, Art Forum or MAD magazine… but I have peculiar tastes/interests.

I always flick through Thrasher, Juxtapoz, Spin and Monster Children… But never buy them.

Anyone heard of HELIX and SCIENTRIFFIC magazines?

Magazines I like:

Vogue homme
XL girls
and umm yeah
Definitely get ID
and Dazed & Confused