Decisions, desicions - first build

I’ve recently moved away from the car seen in the favor of bikes (cheaper and I get fit), but like most men need a project to me occupied.

I’ve searched the web and spoken with a good friend and came up with a list of possibilities. BUT there are a few limitations:
SS only due to my knees
Rear brake is a must
Budget $800 - $1000 for frame and forks
Bike will be an occasional

Specialisted Langster Pro

Within budget
Instant gratification
Available locally to Melb
At bottom end of budget

No provision for front and rear brakes.
Additional cost for alternative front brake
Frame would need to be modified to fit a rear brake (cost???)

Colossi Low Pro
Smooth welds
Available domestically
Provision for rear front and rear brakes
Within budget
“Check out my Colossi”

Gear Brisbane website doesn’t work properly for me

Leader 735
Within budget
Available domestically
Provision for a rear brake

Welds are ugly
Rip off designs
Gear Brisbane website
Mixed review regarding Leader frame

Unknown bikes Lv1/Lv2
Provision for rear brake
Smoothed welds

Ripped off designs
Not available domestically
Quality questionable

Dosnoventa KL
Italians made
Bragging rights
Within budget

International freight
Lead time

Ryd Masher Pro
Smooth welds

International freight
Fork choice
Don’t know if a rear brake can be fitted.

Cineli Mash Bolt
Bragging rights
Smooth welds

Top end of budget
Mods required to fit a rear brake

Over to the audience!

Whats up with your knees if you don’t mind me asking.
I tore my ACL in both mine and thought I would never ride fixed. I rode SS for a long long time and now im fixedfolife

I can vouch for colossi’s, they are bad ass and they ride so great,
Dosnoventa and cinelli are probably a bit out of your price range, don’t want to spend a heap on a frame and be stuck with something like a quando wheel-set

Gear website works great, maybe buy a new computer.
Rear brake - not a must even on SS, everyone here will tell you that. Your not gonna go over the front.
Bragging rights don’t come with any bike.

Seems to me but the colossi is gonna be your best bet :slight_smile:

Single speed with just a front brake is stupid.

than you might as well say break-less fixays are stupid too. I’d say they both equally have a similar ratio of danger to them.

edit: Also what browser are you running? I can’t run gear site on my iphene because It doesnt have java, maybe update your java/flash and see if it will work. Or try firefox/chrome/safari.

What is the total budget?
Wheels and drivetrain should also be considered.

The colossi low pro’s are popular now, well priced too. The new leader 725/735 models are much improved on the earlier models.

Get a pomp //end thread

CT scan results:

  1. Possible menical tear and likely degeneration.
  2. Cyst on ACL

Follow up appointment shortly. Either way my knee tends to flog out after about 15km.

Colossi is my preference at the moment due to being available domestically. The Mash frame set could be had for $875 delivered within the US, I have family there so no biggy.

I also found this when search images, a little bit of an eye sore, but completely reversible.

Running Chrome atm.

Bergs, budget is up in the air, but this is a longer term project so quality components will be used.

i’ve run ss with one brake on cinelli vig no problems. i don’t really think the trackbikes load up the back wheel enough for it to make that much of a difference in braking distance. the only reason it would be bad is if you were to loose traction with the front wheel when stopping. that’s never happened to me yet on tarmac.
also the gear website doesn’t work with my android phone and a few browsers on my computer. only wildly scrolls across all the images uncontrollably.

nobrakes fixie is sooo hipster… i cave skulls for less!!!

actual lol.


how is the fact that the gear Brisbane website doesn’t work on your device a con for buying a frame?. Do people seriously buy a frame for “bragging rights”?.. And your not going to buy a frame because it has ripped off design or similar frames like it?

I’m not sure if your serious…

Dude, ugly welds on the leader? Way off… Mine are flat and ultra smooth. Buy a leader or the colossi.

Bragging about being like everyone else?
Oh my lord …

I have a mash bolt and its kind of rad. Areospok is kind of silly on it as its more of a hinderance but as a cruiser its ok.

I would build a colossi low pro in black or take a punt on Dosnoventa KL, might be tricky finding the right size on the former as they are a bit of an unknown, I would talk to them about time frame and size.

What about a surly steamroller?

Agreed with Lorday. I reckon the steamroller is one of the best all rounder bikes out there, I’m still waiting to find a cheap one.

sure about that?

Take it with a bit of tongue and cheek
If the gear brisbane site is a negative, well there aren’t any other negatives I could find.
Leader frame rip off design, see above.
Bragging rights, see above above. Although don’t tell me there aren’t a loads of “individuals” that think like this.

Dooby, you got me there. Can’t remember what frame I was thinking of.

Spirto, see above