design a new kit

hi bros

the annual ‘time to refresh the kit’ is here

are there any actual real life designers here who want to have a crack? you may be paid a small amount of money (ie a pineapple or so) if you can assist. it will probably take you about 9 minutes if you earn a living being creative

if you have your own business or work for a business that you like then i encourage you to put your logo on it as well

this is just for a bunch of bros doing local racing so we dont have a ten billion dollar design and marketing budget unfortunately

pm if interested and i will send you the artwork

love from, me

Hi. I am real, and living so I am qualified.

PM sent. FOA votes at the end? Lol

Can the winner receive a free kit?

unlikely given the marketing budget would extend to about 2 pairs of socks and an arm warmer… kits are expensive even at cost price

got 2 offers so unless you have some amazing skills its probably best to leave this one to HLC and ezylee for the moment

Ezylee designed the Gear Brisbane Kit. Bibs/Jersey/Caps/Socks

We are super happy with them and he’s an alright bloke to deal with i guess… :slight_smile:

You may have seen some of my other work over here:

Rugged Bloke

I’ll have a crack… Gotta be better than rugged bloke

get ours sorted!

who are you guys using to make the kits up?

the krew i ride with have been working towards a team kit but we can’t decide who to get em done by… small run, not crazy expensive and quality printing that doesn’t go to shit after a few washes
fabric that doesn’t feel like your riding in a garbage bag on a 30+ degree day too would be nice.

The Gear Kit is pretty epic quality,
Think its nemesis.

thanks Dyane I’ll check it out…

i must be owed a gear jersey and cap by now :wink:

How small run are you talking about here? I have recently dealt with a company that do one offs with a custom design. The name escapes me at the moment, but my boss was pretty impressed with the quality of print and material. Out of the guys that I have used, I have to say that Nemesis is up there with the most comfy stuff though. I have had experience dealing with 2XU, Nemesis, Champion Systems and Scody so far.

we have used champ sys for the past few years so staying with them. the jerseys are good but the base model knicks are a shit cut imo, go with the elite/razor ones.

Nemesis is awesome and have pricing 0-10 /10-20/ etc etc… Great quality stuff. Super happy, i have had 2 lots of full team kit go through them.

Only after 10 jerseys tops…

I really like the endo jerseys And there has been talk of capo too, they have some nice highend fabric options

have ridden champ sys and nemesis, and the latter proverbially shits on the former.

more soul?

better fit. thus more soul.