Designing/building a new frame...

So a few mates and i are planning on designing a bike over the uni break. Im trying to sway them to a track or fixie style, but will see. We are industrial designers, so we do have a fair knowledge on products/materials etc.
So i put this to you, what would be your ideal geometry/aesthetics if you were to have some one build a frame for you? Or any other aspects you would want incorporated in the build.

If we do a fixie it will be for commuting not a trick one…


Something like this…

You’re the designer, do some research. Plenty of info out there on popular track bike geometries ect.

Go on…

So that’s how it works! :evil:

shit, where do you even find pics like that?
and here’s an old classic i designed

except for the dildobike

Industrial Designers just need to research their demographics to find what people actually want,

and it’s Dildo Bikes… because ‘Hipster boys cant fuck’

hybrid that concept with a fixed gear = profit.

People will be riding them brakeless for the truly Zen experience and not only will they be getting fucked by their bikes, they’ll be getting fucked by the long arm of the law too.

Sgt undercover cop car - “I used to race those dildo bikes back on the track in the day… they are not safe and you can’t stop!”

Hipster - “yeah but I’m only running 69inches …LOLs …69”

That’s what I thought, until I got a job and found out that I knew f**kall :evil:

But seriously, are you planning on building a real frame, or just in Solidworks-land? It’s one thing to do a pretty render, but quite another to get the TIG welder going if you know what I mean…

What kind of products and materials do you have knowledge of that are applicable to bicycles?

I want a frame with a flamethrower and dual samurai swords. Oh, and a coffee cup holder.

Also, its all about the lugs, you have to have good lug work.

whatever you do, remember that working prototypes are worth 100 pretty renders in the real world. this does not hold true if you’re only interested in getting posts on trendy blogs, in which case i recommend liberal use of a combination of bamboo, leather, complicated folding mechanisms, baskets, ripping off ideas from the 1800’s, LED’s, the words City and Urban, and don’t forget folding mechanisms.

all your research can be done on and bikesnobnyc. and i’m serious about that part, both are a wealth of information on design and behaviour.

so some serious replies which is good, yeah we are just throwing ideas up at the moment. But probably will work will alluminium or carbon fibre, we will jump on solidworks if we are doing out of carbon because it will cost to much for a one off manufacture, but if we do alluminium, i have a tig welder at home so we can actually build a prototype.
thanks for the site, will go and check it out…

Why would you build a carbon commuter bike?

I would think befroe you figured out materials you would already know:
What is it for?
Who will use it?
Will the intended use match the actual use?

Having said that… My preference is for wood core composite :smiley:
Check out Sunova Surfboards for what I mean.

Yeah, I’m not going to tell you because then you’ll have my ideal bike. And then it won’t be my ideal bike.

Get some inspiration from the bikes at the NAHBS.

Like here and here.

Are you sure you’re a designer?

True. This is what real designers create: :evil:

(as an aside, HTF does this work??)