dildos who let their dogs run wild

riding back from footscray this morning i came across some numbskull who was happy to let her dogs run around like dickheads. i nearly hit one, another rider narrowly avoiding binning it avoiding another.

all the while this human equivalent of straight-to-DVD is standing there, watching shit unfold with a grin on her face like it was a big fantastic sexy adventure for all involved.

that is all.

i ride through princes park every day where the dogs are allowed off the leash…

one of these days it’s gonna go horribly wrong…

We’d all be horrified and greatly saddened if you killed your (pseudo-)hillman with a dog rolly …

yeah, if it happens, fingers crossed i’ll be on the ‘b’ bike…

I ran over a cat’s tail on my fuji once.
Smacked into the cat once more whilst riding to my gf’s at night once.
Narrowly missed running the same cat over with my car another time.
I’ll get it one day.

it’s bullshit on the part of the dog owners. dogs are going to run around 'cause it’s fun; it’s what they do. the ones i saw this morning weren’t even rad dogs. if it was a dogue de bordeaux or something i may have been more clement.

I must smell like shit because dogs love me and my wheels. I will be riding in a pack and they pick me out. As a dog owner it pisses me off, just put a fucking lead on your dog. Dildo is too polite for these fucktards!

I’d completely forgotten the joy one gets from calling someone a ‘dildo’.

this is incredible mckenny

this goes on in edinburgh gardens too- the worst kind of dildos- the north fitzroy ones- blame you if you almost wipe out their precious pup while riding along a bike path in an area not designated to have dogs off the leash

that is so fantastic.

All-time best use of the word:

Bobcat Goldthwaite, to a bald dude, in Burglar

“Thank you very much, I come here to give you a fuckin’ package and you decide to blow me shit? Like, like, like, like, like, like, like you’re my idea of a dream come true, taking shit from a dildo with ears? You know when I was like five I said Dad, Dad, can I get a job where random fuckin’ shitheads blow me crap all day? I’m going to break you in fuckin’ half and use your head as a ballpoint!”

this caused me to laugh audibly

holy fuck, bobcat goldthwaite rules so hard. this is pure gold lolz.

i hate those little rat dogs, they always try and jump at you, and my front wheel has rat dog sized spaces between the spokes

found it!


popcorn went up the back of my nose when I saw that scene at the movies

(wonder what became of ol’ bobcat?)

dogs off leash i don’t find that bad, just gotta take care. i know it’s easy to go really fast on a titanium frame’d bike, but u just slow your roll when the dogs are about, yo.
worse are those kvnts with those extendable/retractable dog leashes that you can’t even see until you’re about to ride between the owner and his fucking dog which is on the other side of the path. leashes are meant to control your fucking animal, not let it do what it fucking wants!

also, last week when it was raining heaps, i was walking down the street under the awnings with my umbrella still up like it weren’t no thang!

[b]dildos …human equivalent of straight-to-DVD…big fantastic sexy adventure…Bobcat Goldthwaite

Charts can’t express how I feel about this thread[/b]

^^This. So, so true.

if this was a dog off-leash area, i’d totally understand. but it wasn’t.

it was on just off barkly street.

you are an incorrigible turd :slight_smile: