Dirty Day Out - Sunday 3 July

I have an idea for a ride that I’d like to do, but don’t have many free weekends, so I’m planning ahead a bit here.

/ Sunday 3 July

/ 90km mixed-terrain ride

/ 60% bitumen, 40% dirt, including some sand, rocks, gravel, ruts - all the good stuff

/ One killer climb (Lyrebird Lane) plus a few smaller climbs

/ Start and finish at Vili’s Cafe & Bakery, Ourimbah, just south of Ourimbah station

/ Meet at the cafe at 8:30am. If coming from Sydney, get the 6:45am train from Central. Grab a spot in the rear six cars, as otherwise you can’t get off at Ourimbah.

/ The new route goes via the Kulnura General Store, so we can fill up on food & water there.

/ If it rains we get wet.

EDIT: the original 120km route turned out to be more hike-a-bike than actual riding, so in the interest of finishing at a reasonable time, this is the new, shorter, more bitumen-based version. It doesn’t have as many long sections of smooth dirt (e.g. Walker’s Ridge) but does include Palm Grove, which presents a nice balance of idyllic scenery and brutal dirt climbs.

Route map and elevation profile: Ourimbah 90 - A bike ride in Gosford, NSW

I realise the date won’t suit everyone, and Ourimbah isn’t the most convenient location, but I’ve found some great roads in that area and I think it’s worth the trip. If anyone is keen for another Wisemans Ferry gravel grind before then, by all means post it up - the more the merrier.


Booked in.
If it comes to it, is this doable on 30mm slicks?

Should be fine, though if it’s rainy some tread would be preferable for the steeper bits. Being mostly sandy soil up there, it doesn’t get too muddy and grip is actually pretty good in the wet.

I haven’t ridden every part of the route, but will check it out over the next few weeks so we know what we’re in for. It’s all established roads though, not 4WD tracks.

Sounds good, I’m excited to see where this will go.

Sounds fun, I’m up the coast most Sunday’s so this should be doable.

Sick, the brunswick can make it’s dirt debut.

Harry, will you be supplying endurag’s for maximum dirt spirit?

1.0 or 2.0?


Fuck you Sunday scumheads.

Swap a shift, dummy.

I’d be keen for this, but would be afraid I’m not properly equipped. What gear + supplies would one need?

I have a roadie, and some spare 32’s, not sure about clearance.

Sounds like 32s would do it. I’ve done some pretty dumb dirt roads on 30s. Just try and jam them in and see how you go.
I’m gonna be on 650b x 42mm slicks, if there’s a lot of rain leading up to it I probably won’t come cos slipping around will be miserable.

Would a narrow 650b mountain bike tyre work for you. I have some low profile 1.9s the are under 50mm in theory. You are welcome to use them if it is slippery.

32s will be fine I’ve ridden this area on 28c tyres. Two bidons is doable. Plus what ever food! And a couple of spare tubes.

That would probably be spot on. Apparently my bike can fit 2.2s without guards, so I’m sure a 1.9 would be ace. Will think about it again a bit closer to the time.

I’ll be bringing 3 bottles + maybe a backup bottle + maybe some beers to share + food.

I’ll bring 3 bottles and about 50 extra layers that I need to peel off at the top of the first climb.
So keen.

Yeah I hear that weekend there’s going to be a blizzard lol

How many endurag’s are we talking here?

I’m gonna guess 49 or 50.