Dirty Day Out - Sunday 3 July

I dress only in Endurags now. A fictional product.
I’m naked all the time.

^ now known as The Emperor.

Moment of truth tonight. Picked up new rear tyre for fixay. Since I’ll be playing with tyres anyway, I figured I’ll see if the 32’s fit into the Cannondale. -fingers crossed-

Tentatively in - but my in laws with their kids are staying that weekend, and if my wife is working as well then I can’t come.

In. As long as I can get a big orange bike built by then.

Hoo boy!

It’s going to be good.

I had planned to check out the last part of the route yesterday, but decided the likelihood of flying tree branches was a bit high, not to mention a few bridges being under water.

Wuss. You’ve changed.

Finally made it up to Ourimbah on the weekend and rode the course that I’d mapped out online. Glad I did, because a bunch of sections were basically unrideable, unless you’re into dual suspension and >20% gradients. Made for some fun times bouncing around on my cross bike.

The good parts are still good though. I’m trying to link up the best roads I’ve found into one ride of around 100k. Something like Palmdale, Red Hill Forest Rd, Jilliby, Dooralong, Mandalong, Watagan Forest Rd, Walker’s Ridge, Cedar Brush Creek Rd, Yarramalong Valley, and then over the hill to Palm Grove to finish at Ourimbah again. The valley parts are easy (Palm Grove is especially nice) but the dirt tracks through the forest can get a bit mental. I found one section near Lemon Tree where bogged 4WDs had left a succession of ruts well over a metre deep in the middle of the road, some full of water so they looked like regular puddles…

It’s also hard to keep the length down without cutting out the best bit - the sweet descent down Cedar Brush Creek Rd.

Will do a bit more thinking and let you know. In the meantime spread the word if you know anyone up for this.

Hoping the election doesn’t turn into a late night nailbiter…

How did you find out that the ruts were a metre deep, with the front wheel?

Thanks for doing the hard work though, it’s sounding good.

I bailed when the water hit the discs, then tested it with a stick out of curiosity. Then had to get a longer stick.

Still haven’t cleaned my bike - I assume it’s still there underneath the pile of mud in my garage.

For anyone wondering, I’m not proposing to include that road (Lemon Tree Rd) for the group ride.

Lemon tree doesn’t look that bad…:confused:


I’ve driven a car up that road once. Was an awesome route to the pines. 4wds fucked that for everyone!!
There is a bipass around that section tho.

Oh geez.

I’m living vicariously through this thread. Very good.

Let it be known that if we hit anything like that I’m turning around and going back the other way.

Haha it’s bad that’s For sure, most of the off shoot roads are a bit like this up there, boundary road would be the better option, has some puddles but not any big holes like Lemmon

I realise it’s one thing to attempt stupid roads on your own - I wouldn’t want to put other people through that kind of malarky. My 120km ride ended up taking me until 8pm, thanks to all the sections I had to push my bike.

This is the section from that 4WD clip now:

It’s not so boggy now and actually one of the better riding sections.

Here are a few other photos I took along the way:

I’m out - Nell is working + in laws over means I have to be home. Spewing.

Unlucky, but there will be more chances.

I’ve decided on a route for next Sunday - this is it:

I ended up cutting out the entire Watagans part to the north and making this more of a 50/50 dirt/tar ride. Also took out the unrideable goat track segments. Still includes Cedar Brush Creek, and more of the Palm Grove Valley. Going via Kulnura may mean a few more cars than the original plan but they’re still quiet roads. It’s only 90km on paper but those hills are deceptive - it’s not as easy as it looks.

I’m keen for this as I’m not expecting to be riding much after this winter, other than to the shops for nappies or whatever it is that new dads spend their time doing.

So who’s in?