Dirty130 Gears & Beers What Bike?


has anyone ridden the dirty130 at the Gears and Beers festival and can comment on the dirt roads that are part of the course? Its 90k on the road and 40k on the dirt and I wonder what bike to take. My road bike with 25mm tires or my CX bike with 40mm tires. I am fine with ‘‘under biking’’ but I dont want to end up with 5 flats when riding my road bike.

Never been but headed this weekend for a very cruisey 130k on my Kumo Raddo, I’ll be on 650b WTB Horizons

Heaps of people will be on roadies with skinny tyres but you’ll have more fun on the CX.
Most of the gravel is smooth but there’ll be the occasional corrugation and pothole.
That being said, fat e-bike or GTFO

I’ve done it on my Kumo rando with 35mm slicks, it was perfect. As Adam pointed out the gravel is smooth for the most part, though this year they are implying that the course will be a touch more challenging, we’ll see. Also plenty of roadie bros having plenty of punctures. Toobliz FTW.
For my part I’ll do it on a different steed shod with 650x2.1 this time, possibly overkill for the event but certainly more enjoyable for the ride from CBR that will go through the Brindabellas and other off-road bits.

Thanks guys! Will take the CX, just want to have fun.

pretty sure alex is taking his cx too!