Discreet bell installation

Not sure if anyone has done anything like this, but I’m going to have to put a bell on my bike.

Does anyone have any suggestions (hacks) on how to install a small bell without it protruding out of my handle bars like a wart. Was thinking of removing the clamp and screwing it into the handler bar ends…


mirrycle.com: bar end incredibell

if you’ve got a 1" threaded stem, put it on the vertical part.

I know that you can buy bells for bar ends but I was able to get an assortment of bells for like $10.

Here’s an image of what I was thinking.

Also, open to any other installation recommendations…

^that! or see if it will fit around your stem or headtube quill/spacers.

It’s 1 1/8… Had thought about that.

I bought a Crane bell and a Velo Orange spacer bell mount.

For a tenner you can get this: New N+1 10mm Spacer Bell for 28.6mm Bike Fork - Gold | eBay
Got one on my surly. coolstorybro.jpg

most discreet position I’ve seen one mounted was on the front hub… not entirely practical however

Yeah they all look alright. It’s going ont he colossi low pro, wanting to keep it sleek and clean.

underneath your saddle.

10 shit bells for $10? The one you linked to is a different bar end mount Incredibell, looks like aluminium, thus no good.

Spacer mount will work, but you have to be careful, it’s easy to smang your knee on it.

Brass bells are nice and resonant. None of this ‘tink tink’ rubbish from aluminium ones.

That’s an awesome idea.

Mine are aluminium so if I screw them up, it’s not a loss. Once I have a game plan, I’ll upgrade to the brass.


get one of these for your bag

Was waiting for this to happen… :rolleyes:

[QUOTE=k o;456662]get one of these for your bag


Best suggestion yet.

the regulations in queensland state that your audible warning device must be affixed to the bicycle.

What about having the bell on your finger like a ring?

the regulations in qld state that sweet fixxays must have a brake too.