do it.

HILLMAN 12sp Racing Bike - Hoppers Crossing - VIC - $

HLC’s twin!

Emailed, cheers! Hope I got in first, I need a pub bike, I’m slowly ruining my nice bikes…

Maybe you did, maybe I did…

Damn you erle… do you want the whole bike, the frame or the superbe stuff?

If HMC doesn’t get this frame for his SS there is something wrong with the world.

Haha I"m joking, as soon as this went up I got on the phone to a mate who’s looking for a road bike, if they were quick they got it.

Yeah my mate got in as well, this is like an epic battle.

Haha, I’ve got frames for everybody. What size do you need Ben? How low will you stoop? Blakey, I reckon james could run that blue Michalo I want rid of.

Oh man, need that!!!

Hillman team colours! Whoever gets it, don’t ruin it. That frame is in real good nick!