Do you say something?

Waiting at a bike crossing today, a group of school kids came up on their bikes. Rather a varied mix of bikes too, but one caught my eye, partly because the kid was making such a hash of riding it - a very new looking ‘fixie’ (term used deliberately).
This kid, 15 or so, had:

  • no foot retention and was riding with the arch of his foot on the pedal
  • rear brake only (at least he had one)
  • very poor riding skills in that it was probably only fear of what his mum would say if he came home with a scuffed up uniform that was keeping him upright.

Okay, time on the bike will fix the last item, he’s a kid, they learn from doing and a few bruises and scrapes are important learning tools.

But do you quietly suggest that moving the brake to the front and buying some cages and straps might be a good move?



I would, but kids are the greatest smart asses…