do you use gloves?

even when im not messaging im using gloves. since i started riding with golves i hate riding any other way. what kinda gloves do you use?

i use Serfas RX. nothing to crazy. nice leather with a gel comfort inside.

Always. I’ve got some plain looking fox full finger gloves. It was hard to find something not covered in stupid logos and colour scheams and refelctive piping and carbon knuckle things and all the other bullshit a glove dosent need if you’re wearing it for comfort.

i dont wear gloves except on those REAL cold windy mornings. i dont find them comfortable. yes ive tried quite a few pairs.

Yes, I wear them.

I’ve got sweaty palms so gloves are essential.

I usually wear Fox, full fingered XC type gloves.


Wind chill factor has to dip below double digits before I’ll glove up.

Every time I ride I wear gloves, I’ll even wear my riding gloves when I’m cough, driving, cough because I have wimpy fingers that go completely numb at temperatures less than 20 degrees celcius.

I used to wear a pair of thermo-something gloves but I found that, even though they were thick and looked warm, they were awful compared to my Fox submachine gloves (basic BMX full finger gloves), which keep the wind off well and it’s easier to grip the handlebars without feeling like you’ve got fat Toxic Avenger hands!

Then in summer I wear fingerless gloves, any brand as long as it fits! At the moment I’ve got a pair of Specialised BG with mesh backing and some nicely padded bits on the palm.

Full-fingered all the way. Really handy (get it ‘hand’ ‘y’ :-P) when sliding along the asphalt

I come from an mtb background, so gloves are second nature for me for both protection and grip purposes.

After wearing many brands and models of mtb glove, I can recall now that I have noticed the following random facts regarding full-finger mtb gloves:

  1. Fox are generally rubbish and fall apart too soon (are the newer models any better now?).
  2. Most other gloves are too expensive, so only buy them on sale or online,
  3. I have been pleased with the pair of Specialized gloves and the gel pad in the ball of your hand, which seems to do a good job at preventing a numb hand, despite feeling kooky initially.
  4. I found a supply of Scary Fast full-finger XC gloves that the distributor was selling off cheap-cheap a year back, so I bought up them as I’d found they were great, but I don’t suppose that helps you, as they’re no longer available in AUS…
  5. Often Peter Stevens has a sale that includes lightweight motorbike/ dirtbike gloves, which are largely the same as XC mtb gloves, except that they are often cheaper!

However for street riding, I’m intrigued by the poser-leather Knog gloves now!

like Des, I go for the full-fingered Fox Moto Glove but keep a pair of Ansell Hyflex in the bag for wet weather. They cost about $4 a pair from the supermarket and do a reasonable job but more importantly dry quickly so you don’t have to put on damp gloves for the return journey

They’d be a tougher latex glove right (not a dishwashing glove I presume?)?

Don’t you find they get sweaty? (though in the rain, I don’t suppose you’d notice).

Do you put them over your fox gloves?

(thinking they may be a good impromptu windproof ‘liner’ perhaps?)

And you can check your prostate when you get home, or better yet get a friend to do it…

bareknuckle unless it’s cold. and fingerless gloves when it is cold. a few mornings i’ve still wound up with numb fingers, but generally it’s not too bad.

all the time. Using Specialized Pros or something. Pretty low-key design. Just a small red “S” on the top. The stitching was coming undone on one of gloves in the first pair I got (which I got replaced straight up under warranty).

Last pair of gloves were “TUFF” or something. They have tough, plasticy pads on the palm which I suppose is supposed to protect you against gravel. Long story short, it perished and the gloves had completely disintegrated after 12 months.

I’ve never really liked full length gloves because I don’t like the loss of dexterity/sensation that you have when the tips of your fingers a covered. That is mainly in regards to changing gears so it probably doesn’t hold true for fixies.

During events that started in fog or involved riding through the rain at night, a pair of polypropylene gloves under my normal riding mitts was the way to go. They fit a lot more snugly over the fingers than the full length gloves I’ve tried.

In other news. This forum software is great: “Warning - while you were typing 2 new replies have been posted. You may wish to review your post.” Brilliant.

I always wear them. After someone rating them on here, I got a pair at Kathmandu Factory Outlet (Smith St, Collingwood, Vic) on sale for $16 :sunglasses:

Ever crashed and put your hands down to save your face without them, once you’ve had sore weeping palms for a couple of weeks once you will never leave home without gloves again.

Fox plain MTB fill fingers for winter and MTB, look for a one piece palm/fingers. they last heaps longer as there are no seams to split.

Tuff brand retro fingerless for summer. Leather palm is tough, breaths, molds to your hand. Mesh back breaths great and cheap as chips.

Not too sure I would say that. Having come from a Mtb background myself, I have about three pairs of 6 year old (frequently washed too) Fox Xc gloves that just won’t fall appart. I would like them to fall apart so that I would have a decent exuse for buying a new pair, but they just wont fall apart…

Anyway its like choices in shoes, most will wear what they feel is comfortable, and some will suffer for fashion

I always ride with gloves.

I’ve got a pair of TLD Grand Prix full fingers that I bought for mountain biking. They’re covered in rubber armour stuff and are totally excessive for street riding, but they work fine and haven’t fallen apart after a couple of years.

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