Dodici Special Build Help


I ordered a dodici special frame (which i should be receiving in the next couple weeks! :D) size 57 which is white with red lettering. Im pretty new to fixed gear bikes and need some recommendations on which parts and what size to get for my frame as Im building from scratch. (eg cranksets/seat posts & collars all come in a variety of sizes).

For the seat post I want to get a thomson elite but have no idea what diameter or length to get. Same with the collar…

I was thinking of sugino messenger crankset but i want good parts so it all runs smoothly and looks sick (possibly phil wood BB).

I already have black rimmed complete wheels so thats all taken care of.

I live in the Adelaide CBD so there arent really any hills around. What would be a good gear ratio?

Appreciate the help!

Go Sugino 75 cranks and 75 BB. Sugino Messengers are road cranks with single chainrings.

He’ll need a sealed BB for the street…

Dura-Ace 7710 cranks and 7710 BB will do the job nicely.

Seatpost should be a 31.8mm so collar should be 34.9 (i think thats the standard size?)

Get sick Cinelli Pepper bars, cause you will be able to do mad skidz.

Thomson stem too.

Good gear, 70 gear inches… 42/16, 46/17, 49/18, 52/19 or similar.

Don’t forget the top tube pad! Don’t wanna get the beauty dinged up.

top tube pad - $33.00AUD : skin grows back, cycle courier hardware

foot retention, often an afterthought, always necessary from BOGear, whilst you’re there get an 85L backpack in case you get a job as a courier once you realise how amazing riding fixed is!

yeah decided to go with sugino 75 crankset and BB; Thomson stem with cinelli pepper riser bars and thomson elite seatpost with a brooks saddle.

Thanks for the suggestions! Ill upload pics as soon as its done!

68 inches in the sweet spot. 46/18. Learn to spin.

^Yup, with 165mm cranks.

Which Brooks saddle did you go with?

I had a Swift on my fixed gear a few years ago. Nice and firm but never felt right to my sit bones. Swapped it out for a Cinelli Leather Unicanitor and never looked back. I might try a Flite Ti on my next bike. The Cambium B15 might be a contender too.

FWIW Have a B17 Ti on my Rando bike. Nice saddle for that bike but would be too bouncy for riding fixed ATMO.

Yeah going with 165mm cranks with a 46T on the front. Not too sure about the rear. Will do some research.

I bought the new brooks c17 cambium but giving that to my bro and taking his b15 swallow in black i think it is.

What do you guys reckon would be a good ratio for flat riding but also reasonably easy to do mad skidz with?

Go with a 17T. Will give you 17 skid patches and is 71 gear inches :thumbsup:

Get a good cog and lockring, and get a shop to install it if you haven’t done it before (must be tightened by the hand of god).

Yup, a swallow will be the best suited Brooks saddle for a tarck bike.

Sounds like a nice build. Look forward to seeing it all built up.

Yeah, seconded on getting a shop to put the cog and lockring on. If it’s loose, every skid will slip it free and when you push off again it’ll spin the cog tight. It’s a pretty unnerving feeling, haha. Really, your best bet, especially brakeless, is to get someone to do the whole build for you to make sure it’s all sweet, unless you’ve got all the tools and know-how on hand at home. I’m having my new Leader build done at Euride on Rundle St this week, but there are plenty of places that can give you a hand. Build sounds cool man, will keep an eye out for it :slight_smile:

Do you really need a good cog? I just ordered two $12 dorra (shipped) Cro Mo cogs off ebay for my new wheelset. Whats the difference?

i’ve run cheap and fancy cogs, don’t really notice the difference although the cheap cogs will probably cross thread easier

When I lived in Adelaide I ran 46/15, was a bit silly but I think 46/18 would be too spinny for Adel.

There are so many flat straight roads without traffic lights so defs not too spinny… 46/17

Machining is going to be better on a better quality cog. I’ve seen some good quality cheap steel cogs and some god-fucking-awful chromoly ones. Some of the cheaper ones are narrower than they need be and their tooth shape is not as positive. Considering a good cog (Dura-ace, Surly etc) will set you back $30-40 shipped why bother with the cheapies?

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Fk. I got the two cogs cause then I could run a 17t and 19t for the price of one EAI cog (plus they were powdercoated black). I figured they’d have to be decent since they’re cro-mo.

They’re for a brand new wheelset HPlusSonSL42s and Origin8s.

I was riding the same style cog on my old Cell wheelset with only minor issues.