Dodici special

I posted a terrible phone camera photo of this a while back in ‘what you’ve done to your bike today’ but Mr prolly was kind enough to take some nice photos for me while he’s in town. Hope it’s ok to post again.

Man. That bike looks fast just sitting there up against the wall. I like it.

nice, very nice


is that your track weapon? or a street machine?

is this the same ride parked outside the abecrombie hotel every now and then?

Street. I took it to the track once, kept meaning to get a licensce and get into it but never did. One day.

Yeah sometimes.

nice ride!

i like!!!
those wheels make me happy in my pants

mmmm nom nom nom

Nice work Bob. Looking really good - like it means business.

one of my favourite frames getting around at the moment. nice work

Track Bullet in Purple Haze! Love it!