Dodsun Tri-action

Found this beauty in hard rubbish. Pulled her apart and put her back together with some new brakes, levers, bar tape, cables and pedals. Runs like a dream save for a slightly out of radial front rim. Anyone know much about Dodsun? Biopace = Early 90s? I might convert her to a single speed if the downshifters get a bit tiresome… maybe a respray. Hmm. Might not bother for a pub bike.

dodsun tri-action by strangejourney, on Flickr

Dodsun Tri-Action by strangejourney, on Flickr

cro-moly by strangejourney, on Flickr

IRC Triathlon Duro tyres by strangejourney, on Flickr

DSC_1748.jpg by strangejourney, on Flickr

Is that round little hook projecting out of the drive side seat stay for resting your chain on when replacing a wheel?

Is that round little hook projecting out of the drive side seat stay for resting your chain on when replacing a wheel?


thanks for confirming my suspicions Gordy!

DODSUN. The first bike manufacturer in Taiwan to have ISO 9001 in place. Yes even before Giant, Merida and all the others. They were a full line manufacturer producing frames, doing assembly, painting. In most recent years they have been mostly a final assembly factory, sourcing the frames and doing the painting and final assembly in house. When the industry shifted from Japan to Taiwan many bike companies had Dodsun producing bikes for them. Specialized, GT, Iron Horse, Raleigh, Nishiki, Derby and many others. spent more than a few hours in their offices in the mid 90’s.


Imported into our counrty by these people:
Bike Solutions

ha been wondering what that was

leave it as is, looks good!

My mate who works at what once was bike solutions got a ‘statesman’ frame from his now retired boss. Thing rides awesome, better quality than my bianchi pista by a LONG shot. I think bicycle parts wholesale still have a few.

looks like you may have a crack in one of your head tube lugs…

i thought that too, but on closer inspection it seems to just be white surface paint (theres speckles of it nearby). i might give it a bit of a sand back to double check thou!

i like the galaxy styled paint job!

Oh I also heard that these came into aus unpainted and were painted here by the guys who bought them in.

keep the gears, it’s begging for flat bars and guards

Yeah I’ve been searching for some good mudguards for it. Was thinking of ordering the Crud Racer MKII, but they’re not very retro and may not suit. Crud

Could go flatbar I guess, but this is fast becoming my main road bike to which drops are good for :slight_smile:

Naah! You have fender eyelets, why bother with the Cruds.

For budget guards, search Wiggle for VaVert. The road version will fit, the Hybrids will be too wide. They’re well priced and have good hardware. Lots of colour choices.


+1. If you’ve got eyelets, use them. Cruds are great when other guards don’t fit, but because they go under your brake calipers they can limit tyre choices and sometimes rub momentarily even when set up perfectly.

All real guards go under the calipers :wink:

Aaah of course, but I’m sure you know what I mean… Cruds are designed for very low clearance road bikes/road calipers.
E.g I’d take Cruds over SKS raceblades if I couldn’t get any other full guards to fit.