'Double cross' The next gran fondo Sept 2, 2012 - Kurth Kiln

Probably posted elsewhere but I couldnt find it…

Happens to be fathers day which means for all you fathers it’s what YOU want to do.

2012 Double Cross - Home - Off Road - Fondo - Kurth Kiln - September 2nd

Who else is in?

I’m keen, but after the DGF I think I’ll opt for a 29er HT MTB, to me, it would have been a much better option. I wonder how similar these tracks will be, if unconfirmed, I’ll go MTB.

im keen

but also THATS ME!!!

thats me after the dirty grand fondo, thats my helmet and those are the to tubes i pinch flated on over the day, i dont know why im tell ing every one this but it jus wierded me out

Nice one Gene :slight_smile:

I’ll be there, fingers crossed. Always wanted to check out Kurth Kiln…

‘may’ be doing a reccy ride 2 weeks prior. but my weekends are fast closing in with other commitments.

Trying to convince a guy at work that riding 60k offroad for his first time mtb’ing is a good idea.

We’ve been waiting for someone to spot themselves in the poster - we couldn’t work out who it was!

gink_04 - get in touch with Big Hill Events (info@bighillevents), there will be royalties paid and were hoping free entry would suffice?

We’re heading up in the next week or so to map out the course, so there will be garmin files up (our Garmin actually works now after it broke before the DGF) soon (fingers crossed). Any questions - send them my way.

Nice work!

If anyone’s considering this ride and didn’t go last time, the DGF is a well organised ride with excellent support before / during / after. Think of it as the grown up version of a Melbourne Gravel Grinder.

I had a great day riding with a bunch of friends and randoms through some interesting terrain, endorsed.

this event may well be relevant to my interests…

Those roads out Kurth Kiln will be a test on 32c tires - Pinch flats a plenty! Great area, should be a fun event

the last DGF was a test for many on 32c tyres!

i need to update my stock of plus size cx tyres (is it beardo when its for a terrain specific reasons?)

anything that strays from UCI legal is Beardo… you should know that (FWIW that makes CA’s CX regs Beardo regs!).

+1. Cross bikes again Mr Cee?

Nice one, Gene!

DUDE!!! Keen, I’ll bring some spare tubes this time

yessir! im entered.

Double Cross Location Change

Following a course ride we did at the weekend the event village location has changed. We will now be going through Bunyip State Forest and setting up at Mortimer Picnic Ground on Triangle Road (note: listed as Link Road on Google Maps)

Parks Victoria details: Parks Victoria - Mortimer Picnic Ground
Google Maps: https://www.google.com.au/maps?q=-37.984139,145.595387&hl=en&ll=-37.984139,145.595391&spn=0.017521,0.043323&num=1&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A


Oh and Garmin file is up on Garmin Connect - Double Cross by BigHillEvents at Garmin Connect - Details

Any other questions please send them my way.

I’m down! last event was lots of fun. SS 29r time . No Road peddles and hopefully less mud baths

Here’s a poorly edited video we put together from the pre course ride - we set the GoPro up on time lapse, unfortuntely the battery died only 20k round the course - but it gives a good idea of the terrain …

Double Cross Pre Course Ride - YouTube

Double Cross Date Change

Double Cross - October 14th - Bunyip State Park

Due to the wet winter and the rain fall predicted for the end of August, Big Hill Events have had to reschedule the Double Cross to Sunday 14th October. Although the thought of making you all cycle through the mud pleases us greatly, the thought of people being stuck in the over flow car park does not.

If you have already entered into the 2nd of September event you will have been emailed - if not, please email info@bighillevents.com.au if you can’t make the new date.

This is good news, I’m just coming off my winter break so a few more weeks for some km’s will be good.

Hi All,

Only 2 weeks away now and entries are coming in pretty good; including both the men and womens newly crowned Cyclo Cross champs: Lewis Rattray and Melissa Anset.

Also, we had one rider who had to cancel their entry because of the date change who sent us this review of the course:

“Ended up riding the double cross course on fathers day with my old man. Loved the course! it was great fun with some ear to ear grinning descents.
Not too muddy at all with the 1st ascent probably being the sloppiest but wasn’t really a problem. I reckon only 2-4% of the entire course was a little damp but still everything was completely rideable.
Good call on postponing the event as the car park/or more so overflow and grassed areas would have ended up a disaster with most 2wd’s getting bogged. Hope the event goes well for you!”

So what you gunna ride? - The Double Cross : ENTRY ZONE, Easy online entry for MTB Races