Duarte road bike Dura Ace 7400 Part 2

As you may remember, I got a road frame custom built for me in Bogota, Colombia last year:

There were a few teething problems, but I took the frame to Mr Paconi and he crimped the seat tube, fixing the ultra-tight clearance issue. Yes, the chainstay length is still a time-trialish 395mm (!), but now I can perfectly fit 23mm road tyres- win!

I had originally built the frame up with modern DA/Ultegra bits, however they just didn’t suit the lugged frame and in my opinion didn’t do the frame justice. I remembered seeing the cover of the Duarte bicycles catalogue, and there was a fantastic Shimano 105 groupset (complete with awful Cinelli bartape) from the early 90’s and it just looked the part:

So my plan has been to build the Duarte up with a classic Dura Ace 7402/7410 groupset from the early 1990’s period. Not to get all technical, but my understanding is the FC-7402 crank was used between the period 1991-1993, after which it was replaced by the FC-7410. They are both lovely cranks but I prefer the appearance of the 7402’s.

Frame & Fork- Columbus Zona tubing
Cranks- Dura Ace FC-7402 172.5mm
Chain- KMC 9-speed SL gold
Cassette- Dura Ace 7400 11-23T
Bottom bracket- UN-91 BSC
Brake/shifter levers- Dura Ace ST-7410
Brakes- Dura Ace BR-7403 ‘Super SLR’ dual pivot
Rear Derailleur- Dura Ace RD-7402 8-speed indexed
Front Derailleur- Dura Ace FD-7403 braze on
Seatpost- Dura Ace SP-7410 NJS edition (!)
Saddle- San Marco Rolls
Headset- Chris King 1" threadless
Stem- Pro 90mm 31.8mm (going to get a 100mm length)
Handlebars- Deda Newton Shallow 31.8mm - not period correct but I like em
Pedals- Ultegra PD-6620

Special mention to Mr Fyxomatosis who helped me track down the elusive groupset!
Took it about for a spin today and it rides like a dream. Not surprisingly, the ultra short chainstay length makes it a great climber! Weight a respectable 10.2kg with a heavy 2.1kg wheelset. I’m sure the weight could easily come down to the mid 9kg’s with a lighter wheelset, although obviously this is not a weight weenie build…
I’ve also got a set of HB/FH-7402 Hyperglide hubs ready to be build up too. Watch this space!


More images here

Since I got the frame built, I have learned a bit more about the history of Duarte Bicycles. In the catalogue they proudly mention their frame was the winner of Tour de L’Avenir, France. I did a little bit of research found out that the Colombian cyclist Martin Ramirez won the race in 1985, and low and behold he was riding a Duarte. I recommend you check out Cycling Inquisition if you would like to learn more about the history of Colombian cycling:

Needs more Cinelli splash tape. The STIs look too high for the era, the 8sp ones were usually setup on deeper drop bars, before people started setting up the ‘flat ramp’ into the lever with bars like you have. But that’s just aesthetic, and if it’s comfortable for you, don’t change it.

Mostly I’m just really stoked that you have this built and rideable at last.

Road/coffee ride tomorrow morning if it’s not wet? I’ll bring the 6400 Concorde and we can rock out like it’s the early 90s.

Super nice. The grey looks great. Sneaky little gussets are cute too. Were the “fastback” seatstays your own choice? Always wondered if they give a bit more lateral flex. (I’m sure Spirito says this doesn’t exist…)

Did you cop a bit of the “You’ll never find 8-speed parts” flak?

And a DA/Easton NJS post???!

Thanks for the comments! I’ll be around 9AM or so for sure happy to go for a cruise.

etomato- I didn’t actually ask for them, just the way the builder built it.

8-speed parts are not an issue when you look on US ebay that’s for sure! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah the DA Easton NJS thing is cool- I bought it cheap and didn’t even know it had the sacred mark on it…

Nice looking build! Love that colour too. I’d de-sticker those wheels though.
Sweet :slight_smile:

awesome build love the older dura ace
if you guys need coffe you should ride down to dead man so i can look at it in the Steel

Porn. Horatio this build is unreal! Love it

I touched it this morning. VERY nice. It matches my Concorde rather well, both with Rolls’, both with 7400/6400, both Columbus tubes, both DT rims… Twins!

Yeah, I really like this. the steerer tube poking out the top of the stem frustrates me a little, but the webbed lugs and fast back stays makes up for it.

Edit: What chain is that? Do they come in 6 speed?

and the uneven bar wrap! tisk tisk… :stuck_out_tongue:

KMC 9-speed SL gold. Don’t think they do a fancy 6-7-8 speed version.

I have that same Deda tape on a bike here… because the logos are spaced about 1-bar-wrap apart, they all line up, and it takes way more care than usual to keep things symmetrical. Great tape though, and after a while the logos rub off anyway.

So is that a converter for the 1" steerer? What kind?

It’s just a 1" -> 1 1/8 aluminium shim. It’s a 1" threadless fork. I think it came with a 31.8mm stem I bought (Ritchey or Deda?)

very nice Horatio, and this does nothing for my headache with where my monies is going. was settled on getting Ken evans to build me something nice with max but then was thinking crabon for the money and now seeing how sexy this is has made me re-think. I kinda like the headset stack. 10 points anyway

I love this bike too. The colour is superb.

Now that you’ve ridden it a bit, are there any tweaks that you’ll be making?

Thanks for the encouragement!
Not too many tweaks needed. The Dura Ace 7401 cassette I have on there is a bit useless for weak people like myself. I’m going to get a 11-28T. Also the worn cassette with new chain isn’t an ideal combo.
I mentioned earlier I also have a pair of nice Hyperglide 7400 hubs that I’ll soon built up with some shallow section rims. That will hopefully appease the purists!

Those new H Plus Son TB14 rims look pretty nice. Though I’m not sure how they are for the price factor of things, but maybe they could be an option for some shallow rims. Or, of course, you could just stick with good ol’ reliable OPs.

Wait til you see it in person JP. You’ll love it. Guaranteed.

Or DT Swiss RR1.1 thanks to a forum member!

Or them! They’ll look hella good.