Duarte road bike Dura Ace 7400 Part 2

this bike was in a dream i had last week. it looked really good

i just got commuter to build me some tb14’s to phil for my SSCX bike GONNA BE SICK!!!

and yes again this bike is awesome

Nice work on this H, well thought out.

I hope it rides great and gives you many hours of enjoyment.

this is top shelf

Thanks everyone!

^Well I could have thought it out a little better. In hindsight I should have researched the geometry I wanted a bit more- ie longer chainstay so I could fit 28’s etc. I was a bit of a naive doofus because I just kept saying to the framebuilder ‘yeah racing geometry, tight clearances!!’ without thinking that is not necessarily the foundation for a GOOD bike…

But hey you learn for the next one!

damn son! looks awesome. love those gusseted lugs!
you win!

i don’t get ppl gettin all antsy about having a spacer or 2 above the stem.

I always do this, trek said it makes the clamp stronger

Yeah don’t see what the problem is. I’m still tweaking my riding position anyway so it would be stupid to cut down the steerer further as I might move the stem up- we’re only talking 10mm anyway. In fact all my bikes have an extra 5mm on top isn’t that normal for ahead??

Tyte Geo strikes again.

If you have a carbon steerer, you must use a small spacer above the stem. It’s a good idea to do it for steel & aluminium steerers too.

Yeh, I’ve got a set of these waiting for the right bike.

Nice work H. Looks real good.

Word has it that Jose Duarte is featured in the latest issue of Peloton magazine.

Really? That’s awesome. Where did you hear the word from?

The bird.

bird, bird, bird, bird is the word.

Can you retweet it for me please

No, Cat Fancy ate it.

You and your fucking fancy cat…

Firstly, thanks Horatio for getting a Duarte built, because your thread here (thru google) has told me about my latest purchase.

I have just picked up (after a little bit of paint stripper / google searching) a Duarte ‘Tour Del’Avenir’ running some frankenstein Shimergo get up, under a seriously thick coat of paint which has made it look like those ‘shimano’ branded bikes that were built in the 80’s or 90’s… whenever.

Your bike looks great H, and this place, once again delivers the goods.

Where was this for the show and shine?

Pretty much my favourite FOA roadie ever.

Hlc, where on earth did you pick it up? Intreged, post some pics!

Gumtree for an unbelievably low price.

Under the horrible respray dressing it up as one of those blue/silver Shimano stickers jobbies I noticed some panto’s.

Initially it was the Campy ergo’s on it that got me to buy.

It is running Shimergo - 9spd Veloce front, 105 rear mech, DA 8spd hub/cassette. Miche cranks and 105 front mech.

Anyway, I noticed ‘tour del avenir’ pantos on the seat stay caps. Further looking around the frame revealed more possible panto’s underneath.

I got this far (see pic) and that’s when I started googling. More pics on the weekend once I’ve cleaned it and stripped it down!!