Dumb People Use IE

Dumb people use Internet Explorer: study

OK fess up, who here uses IE?

I’m the only one at work that doesn’t use IE. Scary…

Meh I’m sure they’d find a relationship between tight jean/ironic moutsche/beards and iphone usage too

But in regards to IE, perhaps the study is showing that smarter people chime to the fact IE is a POS, and work out how to use a better alternative. The dumber one’s don’t?

I used to but, then, i used to be dumb.

i prefer e.g.

I thought it would have been the other way around, as a lot of office environments use IE. I have to use them all for work and I’d say google chrome is my fav

As if I’d use Internet Explorer…

…Netscape Navigator FTW!


I use Lynx.

I think this was underappreciated

Don’t encourage him, or he’ll hang around forever.

Mosaic or Cello… FTW

Sadly work only just went form IE6 to IE8.

Opera user here. So, apparently I’m in the smartest group.

But I’ve started to use Chrome for the pages that don’t like Opera. Hope that doesn’t make me dumber.

Can honestly say I’ve never even seen IE – Firefox and Safari

i work for one of the big 4 banks and the entire company is still stuck on IE6. not surprising in the least.

I have literally no idea what any of the posts meant apart from the one about using e.g.
So is google not cool or something, how can a search engine thingy be uncool.

Still I still play a megadrive and use a minidisc player instead of an ipod.

which bank?
it’s not westpac is it?

C’mon… you know they aren’t the same.

I’m a tradesman.

Everything about this thread is highly amusing.
Chrome all the way baby, runs like the wind on a Mac.

Firefox and Opera at home… IE at work.

Tempted to try Opera on my iPhone.