Dura-ace 7900 chainring crack


Today i had a small tumble on the bike because of the rain. Unfortunately my large chainring has a large crack near the crank arms. The chainring did not touch the ground - my mate actually landed on the chainring. i’m curious to find out…if this is a common problem and also if shimano would do a warranty exchange (no receipts as purchased from horatio on this forum)

i’m a bit bummed as the a chainring is nearly the same price as a new crankset …

anyway hope to hear your responses.


Depends on who your mate is I guess.

Reckon you’re SOL for a warranty, even if you had a receipt, it’s crash damage not a manufacturing defect.

haha i mean’t cracking of chainrings is common. I’m still amazed to see it crack after such a minor accident. My mate isn’t a huge unit either.

Also, does anyone know if a type A inner chainring will fit on type B large chainring? no change in bcd only inner chainring teeth number.

Sorry to hear, never heard about these chainrings cracking.

Type A and B do work together, although Shimano say that they are ‘B’ compatibility (work but not perfectly).