DVD movie hire shop in Northcote needed...

We just made the jump back to Northcote last week and need to find a good DVD movie hire shop. Any recommendations?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

1993 called, it wants it’s thread back.

Movie Reel in Westgarth. Back when I lived there they had cheap rentals for RRR subscribers, though this was 10 years ago, so not sure if it’s still the same.

Yeah movie reel is still the place and may well be the only decent DVD store in melbz…gotta go. Pager has just gone off

Thanks for that. There used to be a couple of good ones, with great Arthouse collections, when I lived there previously but they’re gone now.

Netflix + hola.

Thanks for the reminder. I got Hola ages ago and forgot about the rest. Given our viewing is mainly SBS OnDemand and ABC iView, there’s been no rush.

You’re joking right? There’s nothing like wandering through a DVD shop, or library for that matter, and picking out something that looks interesting.

Thanks for the reminder, I’ll have to join up at the Library as well.

Shocking maybe, but not everyone wants to shop or pick books and movies over the fucking internet.

Not at all. In the suburban wasteland I live in the dvd/video shop is pretty much extinct. I think there’s one video ezy hanging on but it’s not long for this world. I’m stoked that there’s still a boutique dvd shop out there, it’s gotta be a niche market…


There was a rad little doco about a guy who recently bought a video (yes video) store in Brooklyn. It does have DVDs as well.

But I am with nexus with this one - it is all too easy to download movies now. When I was a young teenager I developed a pretty good friendship with the guy who ran the local video store. I grew up in the area and always played the Neo-Geo arcade machine he had, but also grab a movie on my way out. He introduced me to so many movies that I wouldn’t have even have thought to pick up or give a chance.

We go to our local video store (it only has DVD’s but we still call it the video store for some reason) every fortnight or so. You get 2 weeklys and a new release for 5 bucks. The staff know my name and are really lovely. You can also walk around and just pick something randomly to watch, I like that.


How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic

I am yet to venture into this new world, but I hear it’s pretty good.

it is feckin amazing

and then did one of them get made magnetic when he got struck by lightning and then he went too close to the tapes and wiped them all so they had to remake them all themselves - which they called ‘sweding’ - and then their versions were more popular than the originals?

Most definitely. :wink:

You’re making me miss the days when I ran the Blockbuster in Northcote Plaza…

This is the one I was talking about.

The Last Video Store on Vimeo

Well played.

I worked at lock buster Northcote too ha, shaaaame. For Arthouse films Movie Reel is your spot for sure.