early 80s aero AX build. yolo swag.

I got this unknown tange air frameset off ebay after kit posted the link. Shimano AX is bad ass, so full AX it is.
Pics from seller.

Shiny NOS Bits

Shiny not NOS bits. Rear hub is in good enough nick for this, the front is a bit meh, so im going to replace it.

I have more stuff coming. wooooooo.




When did the Hillman decals appear?

I will only accept AX handlebars on this build. :stuck_out_tongue:


When did the Hillman X Kenevans decals callabo happen?


holy crap those bars!

GASP! Aero bar plugs?

^ no unfortunately. while ive blown cash on this, i wasn’t prepared to blow the $800 the mob from ebay us want for theirs with the bar plugs included

Those cranks…

Painting the frame?

^yerppppp. havent decided what colour though. probably silver

silver with blue/green pearl flip

Yep silver or pearl white

Pearl white always looks class. Blue flake maybe if you can?

Doesn’t someone on here have a track frame just like this?


haha i think he was referring to bens http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f8/aerodyradical-11847/

ps. still love that tape job