ebay findings.

here are some nice bikes that I have come across.

  1. Colnago Time trial?

This is one of the nicest bikes I have ever seen. Love all thos pantos and that paint is nice:) It has a $1300 Buy it now price, that seems like a good deal?

Vintage Colnago Road Bicycle 6 Speed | eBay

  1. Van Werkhoven Track Frame
    Amazing frame, Another lovely paintjob and it looks in really good condition:) and I have never seen anything like that stainless steel chain protector.


They would both join my dream stable, that’s for sure.

that trackie looks familiar.

something fishy going on with the seller of the nag.

Specialized SL3 S Works Tarmac 54cm w Zipp 404’s | eBay

also 1300 bin

Plus he has several others with 1300 bin’s


Yeah that bike is waaaay too cheap to be legit.

Yeh, looks suss.

7103 transactions with 100% feedback. Fark i want that trek he has!!! for that matter the Santa Cruz, Yetti and Scott are unbelievable value too. Just sent him an email so see how it goes. Probably something fishy going on but worth a shot.

TREK Madone 2011 6 series SSL 62cm H2 | eBay
Scott Spark LTD 2009 Medium Lighest MTB | eBay

All bargains. I have reported the seller to Ebay for having contact details on the listing.

Here is the VERY quick reply.


Thank You for your email !
The buy it now price is $1000 + free shipping.
We offer 14 days to return it if by any reason you are not satisfied with it, you can return it against a full refund !

If you are decided to buy I need to know your details:
eBay User Id (username)#: …(for ebay invoice)

Full name : …
Shipping address: … (Where to send the item)

I will start the transaction under ebay.
You will be after contacted by them with further instructions on how to complete this sale & I will remove the item from ebay for you!

Waiting your email !


Going to report this.

It says Australi, Australia. But his location details are the United States.
man I’d buy that specialized this minute…

Yeh, weird. Possibly hijacked account? Excellent feedback and heaps of current auctions…

[QUOTE=heavymetal;350969]Yeh, weird. Possibly hijacked account? QUOTE]

im going with this.

ps, heavy, you get my GIF?

If it seems too good to be true…
Specialized SL3 S Works Tarmac 54cm w Zipp 404’s | eBay
Specialized SL3 S Works Tarmac 54cm w Zipp 404’s | eBay
And plenty more identical listings


Hijacked accounts with photos and descriptions from old ebay listings.

All the pics are good but taken in very different locations. It’s got sus written all over it. I’ve reported it so see how it goes.

OHHHH, you sent me a gif. It didnt show up on my work comp, I figured you’d sent me a msg intended for someone else… Will check it out.

edit: just saw it. Awesome.

Well now you have to post it.

Jase will have to do it, I can only see it on my phone…

It’s ALL gone now!!!


THis is what i imagine the guy who listed the bikes is doing.