ebay findings.

haha spot on

The Van Werkhoven frame is as big a rip off as the colnago.
What’s up with the head tube/top tube lug?

Genuine lol.

outa interest, what kinda 'nago is it…era, model name, links to more pics of this style…please.

here’s a large Van Werkhoven complete, and much cheaper:
Track Bike | Trade Me

Track bike/sprint bike
Van Werkhoven - built in Austria

seems it’s not just the seppo’s who can’t work out the difference between and

Also, the VW in the OP seems well overpriced. the photo of that headtube/toptube lug tells a different story to the description

my thoughts exactly, and when i read on to see that it was frame, forks, bb and headset only!!! sheesh.

hmm something is not right…

Serotta Meivici Di2 | eBay

another seller that sells everything for $1300?

Already removed! Same scam as the last one…