Egg Beaters?

Is anyone using these types of pedals here?

Rogaine, snowflake & mckenny use them almost exclusively. I rode Candy SLs for a while, switched to ATACs.

They use a two bolt SPD pattern, except for later quattro (discontinued) road cleats perhaps.

Don’t get anything cheaper than the SL model. Reliability isn’t great.

See if you can ride with a pair from a mate before you purchase. I didn’t like them compared to the SPD’s that I use. obviously the weight of the egg beaters is pretty light, but I just don’t like the lack of platform and when I rode them they felt like they had too much movement between the pedal and my boots. I tried so many times to make some adjustments, but at the end of the day I didn’t feel secure and didn’t like the feel of them.

great feedback from you both
thank you

I tried both them and The Candys. I preferred the Candys cos of the platform. Don’t get the bottom end ones though, they’re garbage!

I have a selection of eggbeaters, candy’s and mallet’s. Lurve them all I think the cleats do wear quite quickly, 6mths ish I seem to be getting out of them. Aside from that never had an issue even my candy C’s have been fine, I do hear the axles bend on the cheapies but perhaps I’m not man (heavy) enough.


Get ATACs. Only one person in the history of the internet has disliked them. Okay, some folks complain that the Alium ATAC weighs too much (430g or something) but really, 100g is a small gripe as far as I’m concerned. And you could always buy a more expensive model and negate that concern altogether

Eggbeaters, on the other hand, have hundreds (if not thousands) of internet stories about them breaking. Sure, they replace/repair them for you. And sure, there’s always someone who’s never had a problem but why bother risking it when there is an awesome alternative like ATACs around?

yea, i use them. cleats wear relatively quickly though. i’ve never pulled out accidently, so there’s that.

i have candys, quatros and eggbeaters. i’ve always steered awaway from the bottom of the range ones as snowflake had told me they were rubbish.

Maybe that’s because people post on the internet when they’re unhappy. I’m sure there are many thousands of happy Eggbeater users who haven’t posted on the internet to say that they haven’t had any problems.

The Cs are garbage - I’ve bent both axles on two pairs in the past. The SLs I’ve never had any trouble with at all. I don’t find the cleats wear excessively quickly either. And there are ‘premium’ cleats which are harder wearing than the standard ones.

The only problem I have with Candys is that the sole of my Specialized shoes gets in the way so I can’t use them with those shoes.

We’re still talking about pedals, right?

+1 Time Atac.

Wow Time ATACs are expensive!

What are you talking about?

ATAC Aliums with cleat = $58 from Wiggle.
(btw, cheapest eggbeater, the C = $67)

Most expensive ATAC = $334
Most expensive eggbeater = $528


I rode with Eggbeater SLs for quite a while, I used to really like them. I did find however, as has been said previously, that there was quite a lot of movement between my shoes and my pedals that was unavoidable. They’re still a great pedal though.

If TIME advertised as heavily as CRANK BROS do, I probably would have tried them. They are both good pedals it appears.

Cleats… actually my cleats lasted forever. I only just replaced them with the premium ones. Which you should always buy O/S and not at BSC !!

I had the candys for about one ride. Loose feel to the spindle from new. Also felt like my feet where on ice blocks. Got some atacs and have been extremely happy.

  • 1 Time ATAC’s

only thing more solid is my… well you get the idea.

I rate the egg beaters.

The lack of platform isn’t an issue if you like to run super stiff soled shoes. Understand a lot people’s complaints about the feel of them - being used to more typical spd’s since they don’t actually float and then have a positive click out on release but alternatively just twist and unbind. That being said, you’re doing someting monumentally wrong with your legs if you twist your feet enough to accidently clip out of eggbeaters.

The complaints I’ve seen online about breakages have been in relation to MTB use and I would doubt that use on the road would result in similar situations - though I probably haven’t had mine long enough to comment definitively on point.

They’re dirt cheap (for the base models), essentially maintenance/adjustmnt free, simple, easy and have a great warranty period. Get’s my vote hands down.

I ride ATACs too, changed the Aliums for XS over time though. They take a while to wear in though, I have popped out of new pairs once or twice but after that they’re great. Wiggle it up, they are on par with eggbeaters

Another vote for Time ATACs. I run the ATAC XS pedals on all my bikes and they are absolutely awesome. The ones on my new MTB have already copped some huge smashes on big rocks and all that’s showing is a bit of scuffing. If I’d done the same thing with a Crank Bros pedal I’d have gone through at least four sets by now.

People may only post on the internet when they’re unhappy, but that means there’s an absolute shitload of unhappy CB pedal users out there. We’ve stopped stocking them at work because we can’t happily recommend them to people. If you’re riding in any kind of shitty weather you’ll need to service them at least every 6 months as well, as they’re liable to collapse and that’s not covered by warranty.

If you want something that’s safe for fixed riding and can handle abuse then the ATACs are the way to go. If you’re not riding fixed then Shimano SPDs are great value and tough as well.

Do Crank Bros have a tension adjustment yet?