Egg Beaters?

Usually ride platforms and most recently have gone back to clips but on a recent trip OS I road mainly egg beaters ( road and off road ) and was really impressed.

easy to clip in .
lots of secure float

and one of the few pedals that you can sink to your knees in mud with, squelch out to the other side of the stream , give your legs a shake and just clip in and start riding again.

not really a problem for the urban warriors though unless you have sh*** t your pants kissing the bull bar of the soccer mums four wheel drive

full face

one for the egg eaters

not keen on the egg beaters- no platform, but liked the candys until i tried the quatros- now have a pair on my mtb and on my second road bike- the “road cleats” have a rubber bit aorund them so you can use them on road shoes and still walk aorund. Another model worth looking at and stll current are the Acids, my wife has them on her hybrid and road bike, seem to work well, and are fixable unlike the earlier smarty ones.
I use the zero float cleats for the road- find the normal float ones like someone else said a little too wobbly.

Saying all that I have a spare pair of smarty pedals- that are ok but no spare cleats sorry.