Eggbeater problem

I have eggbeaters on my fixie (and on four other bikes). The left one has been giving some funny creaking noises and feeling a bit dodgy. I finally got around to looking at it, and the pedal body has pulled outwards on the spindle by about 5 mm. Before I dismantle it, I thought I would ask if anyone knows what the problem might be? Maybe i need a rebuild kit, or maybe it has had the dick and I need a new set? Cheers.

That’s your problem right there, you own eggbeaters. From the models that I have owned and had the creaking problem, bushing replacement has cured the problem. I also tried a little light lubricant, which seemed to cure the noise for a while. As to the 5mm sideways movement, that would seem like something has worn to the point that it is no longer being there (bushing worn away to nothing, perhaps?). Then the whole eggbeater thing really pissed me off and I went back to SPD…

My understanding was that this is not uncommon with the eggbeaters. Pretty sure it’s fucked based on the anecdote from a shop owner. Something to do with the axles being too thin/weak IIRC. Don’t take this as gospel I’ve never actually used them before.

Which model is it?

The Cs are crap. I’ve got a pair and both pedals have bent axles.

The SLs are great. I’ve got two pairs that have had lots of use and no maintenance and they’re fine.

I’m not sure if it’s a C or an SL - this set I got off a mate for $50 - not a candy anyway. I’ll pull it down tomorrow and see if it can be rebuilt, but I suspect the technical description of “fucked” is probably spot-on. Lucky I’ve got spares to get me through, but I’ll replace it with an SL if needed. I like having all the bikes the one pedal and cleat and so far the Eggbeaters have been well worth it.

The Cs have 15mm wrench flats.

The SLs have no wrench flats. They need an 8mm allen key.

Go the SLs.

If the body is moving out on the spindle it sounds like the bolt that holds it together is working it’s way out. If you don’t use threadlocker on them the it can happen.
I had the pedal body, still attached to my shoe, slide right off during a race once after I neglected to use threadlocker.
Pull the ductcap/plug off the end and remove bolt with a 3mm allen key. clean, grease, reassemble, threadlock good as new.

Don’t listen to the anti crankbros lobbie
simpler (with the same performance) = better

I’ve had this happen before with a set of C’s.

Strip it down, regrease, reassemble, and you’re done. It’s purely that the bolt has come loose iMHO.

My SL’s have never had this issue though, as snowflake said… “go the SL’s”.

Time pedals, just as simple, a SHITLOAD more durable.

Maybe, but I’d have to buy five pairs to keep the house standard, so we can all swap bikes and shoes. And because I use several bikes, wear isn’t such a problem. I remembered this pedal set came with my 2nd hand MTB, so they probably got flogged in a couple of race seasons.